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A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Recliner Trends and How to Choose the Perfect One

17 November 2023

When you think of a recliner - I'm sure you think of a comfortable yet basic piece of furniture. However, it has evolved into a symbol of fashion, functionality and innovation. In today’s article, we will discuss this evolution, touching on points such as cutting-edge design and technological developments. We will also offer you advice on how to pick the chair that will suit your needs!

Modern Recliner Trends

Recliners have evolved from their bulky, unattractive predecessors into sophisticated pieces of furniture that combine style, technology, and practicality. These are the main recliner trends of today:

- The market for modern recliners caters to a multitude of tastes with sleek, elegant designs that blend well with any kind of interior decor. The ideal reclining sofa is out there for everyone, whether they prefer timeless classics or futuristic minimalism.

- High-tech amenities are often included in contemporary recliners. Some can recline with the touch of a button and have power reclining capabilities. Many also have built-in USB connections for charging mobile devices, heating settings, and massage features to help improve the health of your back and spine.

- The home recliner industry has also embraced home automation. You can operate smart recliners with your smartphone or voice commands by integrating them with your home automation system. For a seamless experience, you can sync them with other smart devices in your house.

- Some contemporary recliners are made with eco-friendly materials and production techniques due to the growing emphasis on sustainability. This trend fits with the rising desire for eco-friendly home furnishings.

- You can select the upholstery, colour, and features that best suit your desires thanks to the customisation possibilities that many manufacturers provide. With the help of this trend, users can design completely unique recliners.

These contemporary recliner trends show how this formerly conventional (and somewhat) boring piece of furniture has changed to meet the varying demands and lifestyles of today’s homeowners. The modern recliner market has options for everyone, whether you're looking for a stylish, technologically advanced alternative or a compact, environmentally responsible one.

How to Choose the Perfect Recliner

Now you know about the modern recliner trends, you are probably wondering - how do I choose a recliner that suits my lifestyle, home and design choices? The following steps will help you do just this.


Recliners are much bigger than you might expect, and can take up even more space when they are fully reclined. When considering investing in a recliner, you need to decide the ideal spot for it in your house. Once you have chosen this space, you need to measure this space and take an overall measurement of the room.

If you wish to match the colour of the fabric with another colour in the room, such as the upholstery, drapes, or wall colour, take a picture of the space and show it to the salesman. Ask the salesman for a second perspective to determine whether a recliner will fit in your space.


Fabrics for recliners include leather, fake leather, performance fabrics and soft materials like velvet. Performance fabrics are soft, thick, and stain-resistant so these are a great choice for people with children or dogs. Although it’s often more expensive, leather is another excellent choice for houses with kids and dogs because it’s easier to keep clean than most other fabrics. Additionally, you have the freedom to select from a variety of colours.


Recliners come in all sizes to suit your personal preferences - whether you are shorter than 5 foot 4 or taller than 6 feet! When selecting the right chair for you, you need to consider your height and what chair will be most appropriate. Since the proportions vary depending on the manufacturer, it is helpful to visit a showroom and try them out!


Recliners massively vary in price, so you need to take into consideration your budget when investing. They can range from £250 to £7,000. The more expensive recliners are usually fully motorised and may include a massage function. If you want a recliner with all of the bells and whistles - you will have to pay a little more…


When investing in a recliner, look for sturdy hardwood and a steel frame. This will ensure that the recliner is durable and can stand the test of time. Moreover, ensure the leather is full or top-grain and that the cushioning is made of high-density foam.

Choose manufacturers and companies that have a reputation for excellence and dependability. To make sure you're buying a durable piece of furniture, read reviews and ask for suggestions.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Before purchasing you should confirm if the manufacturer offers a warranty. Warranties are important because if you have any issues with your recliner, they will give you peace of mind. To ensure that your chair stays in great shape over time, ask about after-sales support such as repair and maintenance services.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the right recliner is about more than just relaxation, it's about customising your surroundings and lifestyle. Modern recliners come in a variety of styles with technological configurations to suit your preferences. You can choose a chair that matches your house and improves your well-being by taking into account your tastes, functional needs, budget, and quality. Therefore, whether you want a modern design or prefer eco-friendly features, choose wisely and turn your chair into a haven of comfort and flair. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to be able to put your feet up and relax in style, invest in a FlexiSpot recliner today!