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Work in style with FlexiSpot EG8

05 January 2021

Give your home office a distinctive modern style with the new FlexiSpot EG8 -- a feature-rich standing desk with a tempered glass desktop.


You can expect this standing desk to meet demanding requirements. The new arrival has features of older FlexiSpot standing desks, making it one of the most high-performing desks that the company has released.


The FlexiSpot EG8’s overall structure is noteworthy. It somewhat has the feel of an Apple product. This desk has a 47-inch tempered glass with a sturdy base and sleek and round edges.


Tempered glass is known for its strength, durability, and heat- and impact-resistant qualities.


Meet the new desk on the block


There is much to know about the FlexiSpot EG8. Below is a list of what to expect from this new arrival:



1.It has an integrated control panel - FlexiSpot went up a notch with its advanced keypad. The FlexiSpot EG8 has an up-and-down button as well as four height memory presets.


Usually, the keypads are sold separately as basic and advanced options, but the FlexiSpot EG8 has both for easy usage. There are three USB charging ports to the control panel -- one Type-C and two Type-A USB ports to accommodate different electronic devices.


The keypad has a child lock button to protect the youngsters who visit your home office.


2. Expect quick and smooth adjustments - The FlexiSpot EG8 will continue to deliver FlexiSpot’s promise of problem-free movement. This product has a superior actuator from Locktec Motion, their research and design company. The new entrant has a height adjustment range of 72 centimeters to 121 centimeters and can carry 50 kilograms of load.


3. Stay organized with its spacious storage drawer - Keep your home office organized with the FlexiSpot EG8’s built-in pull-out drawer. The added storage is deep and wide enough to hold your office supplies.



4. Safety first with its anti-collision function - Safety is always a priority for FlexiSpot. As such, The FlexiSpot EG8 has an anti-collision sensor that can detect an obstruction while adjusting. The desk will automatically stop moving when it hits an object.


Simple and easy assembly


The FlexiSpot EG8 has a quick-install design to make assembly a breeze. Just put together the pre-assembled parts on the factory-installed crossbeam to get the desk up and running.


An elegant and healthy workspace awaits


With the FlexiSpot EG8, you can have both style and comfort. Let this beautiful desk inspire you to increase your productivity and well-being in your workstation.