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Wobbling Your Way To Better Health

12 Jul. 2022

We are just starting to realise the full importance of living a more active lifestyle and to understand the positive effect that this can have on our mental and physical health. Many of us are transitioning away from a sedentary work setup and embracing the practicality and health benefits of a standing desk. Spending more of your work day standing is known to reduce the risks associated with prolonged periods of sitting, including musculoskeletal problems, poor digestion, ineffective circulation, weight gain and obesity and an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

However, investing solely in a standing desk may not be the cut-and-dried solution that we all thought it was. It turns out that too much standing may also be bad for you. Things are never easy, are they? Standing for too long can lead to unpleasant effects, such as leg swelling and pain, lower back pain, varicose veins, stiff neck and shoulders and high blood pressure. For optimal health, we should be aiming to transition between a seated and standing position regularly throughout the day. But should you carry on using your trusty old traditional office chair?

Embrace Active Seating

The reason that traditional office seating negatively impacts our health is that it forces us to remain in a static position throughout the day. A standard office desk chair allows for little movement during the working day. When meetings and Zoom calls drag on, we can spend hours sitting stuck in the same rigid position, causing strain on the muscles. After all, our bodies are designed for movement, not to remain in a restrictive position for hours on end.

Modern ergonomic design has led to the creation of a healthier alternative - active seating! Active or dynamic seating, encourages active movement of the muscles, even when you are in a seated position. An active seating stool ensures that you constantly make small movements as you work to stay comfortable and carry out your daily tasks. These micro-movements allow you to consistently engage your core muscles, bringing all the benefits of an active lifestyle.

What Is A Wobble Stool?

Just like its name suggests, a wobble stool has a rounded base allowing you to wobble your way through your day at the office! Similar to an exercise ball, the design of a wobble stool allows you to tilt, swivel and wobble backwards and forwards while in a seated position. This constant engagement of your muscles keeps your body active throughout the day. A perfect way to combat a sedentary lifestyle!

A height-adjustable wobble stool works perfectly alongside a standing desk, allowing you to use it either for sitting or for leaning back while working in a standing position.

What Are The Benefits Of A Wobble Stool?

Active seating brings many benefits to office workers, including:

● While an exercise ball would look out of place in your office environment, a wobble stool is sure to look sleek and stylish

● Ensures good posture and helps to strengthen and tone your core muscles

● Reduces any existing back and neck pain

● Increases productivity and improves mental health

● Improves eye health as you can set a wobble stool at the perfect height to reduce eye strain and minimise glare

● Boosts your energy levels and motivation as you are no longer slouching back

● Supports the natural “S” curvature of the spine and encourages pelvic mobility

● Increases brain function by improving blood circulation and stabilising glucose metabolism, helping to maximise focus and concentration

● Encourages you to get up and move around the office, more so than when you are sitting relaxed in a traditional office chair

● Allows you to release any pent-up energy, allowing you to focus on the task at hand

While active seating solutions are a perfect choice for anybody, if you have any pre-existing health concerns, in particular those affecting your spine, be sure to check with your doctor before switching to a wobble stool.  

Transition Slowly

If you are thinking of making the switch to a wobble stool for your office, don’t be tempted to throw away your favourite office chair just yet. Active sitting is very different to how we are used to sitting as we work, so as with anything, it will take a short time to adapt to this new approach. Wobble stools are designed to be slightly uncomfortable as this is what encourages you to make frequent micro-movements to stay active. Take some time to acclimate to your new way of working.

How Can Flexispot Help?

At Flexispot, we are passionate about encouraging an active and healthy work lifestyle. Check out our highly popular active seating solution - the Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH4. This high-quality, stylish and ergonomically designed stool has a flexible and breathable sponge cushion, offering maximum comfort. It is height adjustable from 61 to 82cm, making it the perfect accompaniment to any standing desk.

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