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Why You Should Explore The UK This Summer

27 June 2022

Summer is here, and it’s time to escape the home office!

Leave your office chair and laptop alone for a week or two and replace them with a chilled holiday. Where will you be jetting off to this year? Europe, Asia, America? The possibilities are endless, but make sure you consider the gorgeous UK gems!

We don’t always think of our home country when planning holidays. When we live and work in one place, it doesn’t always occur to us as a holiday choice. We want to stop this narrative! This summer, it’s time to embrace the UK and its secret locations.

If you’re getting ready to plan a trip, keep on reading. We’ve put together the top reasons you should visit the UK, and we’ve also included our top picks for vacations at home.

Scroll to find out summer tips and tricks.

Why Should You Go On Holiday In The UK?

As UK residents, we can often be quite harsh on our home country. Yes, we get some pretty rainy weather in the winter, but that doesn’t happen all year round! The UK offers gorgeous weather in the spring and summer months. Plus, the cooler temperatures in the autumn and winter bring a cosy atmosphere to the isle.

How many of us can say that we have seen the country we live in? Probably not many! This year, treat yourself to a holiday closer to home. Keep on reading to find out why!

Top Benefits Of Going On Holiday In The UK

Need some more encouragement? Here are some top reasons to enjoy the UK countryside this summer.

A Break From Work

Firstly, any holiday gives you a break from work. Working all year round isn’t healthy and long periods without a break can lead to burnout and other health issues. Make sure your mental and physical health is protected by taking a holiday! Remember to book your time off in advance, or it might be hard to get the warm summer months off.

Environmental Travel

Another key reason to explore the UK is that travel is more environmental. When you visit areas in the country you live in, you don’t need to fly or take long journeys. Instead, you can use a short train or coach journey to arrive at your location. This saves a lot of fossil fuels and is much better for the planet!

No Need To Renew Documents

When you travel abroad, there are many checks you need to make before the trip. Is your passport in date? Have you got travel insurance? These preparations are necessary, but they can be stressful too. Travelling within your home country removes this fuss.

Experience New Culture

As you travel from one side of the UK to the next, the culture changes. Who knew so much culture could fit into such a small area? If there is a place you’ve never been, make sure you put it on your travel list. Often, you’ll be surprised at how different other parts of the country are!

Learn About History

Britain has a long and interesting history. Though we’re all taught the prominent tales in school, it’s fascinating to get out there and learn while you travel. From old castles to museums, the UK is packed with historical sites and untold stories.

Wildlife Like No Other

Finally, the British countryside provides one-of-a-kind views. If you usually live in a busy city, plan a trip to the country this summer. You’ll never get bored with wildlife, landscapes, and traditional pubs!

Where Should You Visit?

Are you interested in planning a UK-based holiday? Here are some of the top UK destinations that we recommend.

Bath, Somerset

Bath is a well-known city in the country of Bristol. If you haven’t visited this spectacular location yet, start planning your trip now. With Roman Baths, picturesque architecture, and lots of history, this is a must-visit. Also, parts of the popular Bridgerton series are filmed here!

Richmond, London

If you want to explore London without staying in the bustling centre, take a trip to Richmond. This laidback suburb of the city offers lots of independent shops and restaurants on the banks of the Thames. A perfect mix of cosmopolitan life and the country.

Polperro, Cornwall

Though Cornwall is a long drive for many UK residents, it’s worth the journey. This coastal destination offers winding roads, old cottages, and sea views. If you want to experience the coast without taking a plane trip, visit Cornwall this summer.

Snowdonia National Park

Are you into the great outdoors and hiking? A trip to the Snowdonia National Park in Wales might be for you! This park includes Mount Snowdon, Wales’ tallest mountain. Whether you walk to the peak or take a train, the unique views await you.

The Takeaway

Planning a holiday is exciting. If you’re ready for a break from the office, take some time to plan a UK vacation this summer. Hopefully, our tips and tricks have helped you decide on your next destination!

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