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29 July 2021

We now live in the world of computing such that we become almost helpless when there is no computer and Internet to work on and do as many tasks as we can such as checking email, watching videos, checking updates on the weather, and updates of current events, among others.  

Our world has become more dynamic and innovations in technology almost overtake us in terms of knowledge about computer technology, software, applications, and the like. Aside from these, computing also requires not only literacy about it but making a work environment conducive to computing must be given importance such as layout, the office furniture that is suitable for computing, and other logistics that are necessary for a proper work environment.

When it comes to office furniture, ergonomics have been in the foreground these days as most workers prefer to work from home instead of working in bricks-and-mortar office buildings due to the pandemic that still threatens us.

They opt to work from home not only to avoid contracting the coronavirus disease but also to shun expenses that are work-related such as transportation, gasoline, food, and other extra expenses.

Whether the work setting is in the office building or at home, a good layout and proper home office furniture are necessary to make a worker work productively and efficiently. Ergonomically designed desks and chairs are usually popular such that manufacturers of office furniture designed and created them that would fit human needs for efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

A published research paper regarding ergonomic computer desk design (Amirfazli, A. & Salmasi, H. ) pointed out the following:

“Traditional desk designs suffer no fewer drawbacks. Their general configuration is usually considered to hold everything tall and short, narrow and broad on one surface without due concern to user comfort, especially on the user's eyesight, hands, and fingers."

"Privacy regarding the user’s personal belongings and spaces to cater to the artistic inclinations of the user is totally ignored. Lighting and air conditioning are areas to be considered for the design of workstations as well.” 

“In order to alleviate hand, wrist, arm, and back strains, we have been approved by the interviewees to locate the mouse and keyboard at a lower height than the desk’s main surface. This lower desk surface is considered continuous lengthwise, in our design, to provide enough free space for some of the peripheries to be moved about.” 

“The height of the desk step provides just enough room for some compartmentalization purposes (Fig. 1). These compartments, though limited in size, facilitate the design of lockers for the user, space for writing paper, CDs, etc.”

“ The best location of the tower for right-handed users, which is an established practice now, is underneath the desk at the right hand.”

Another article also emphasized that ergonomically designed work tables include allotting enough space for the worker's feet, knees, and thighs. If a footrest is necessary, there should be one underneath your table to support your feet while working. 

In other words, these are all to be considered in buying an ideal work table or desk.

Although ergonomic desks proliferate the market today due to the continuous demand for them, it is still wiser to check on their features before having one in your home office. You may also consider the price of the furniture and the features or advantages it offers when you purchase one today.

A highly recommendable home office desk is the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk from Flexispot. It is packed with features you will definitely love. This extraordinary standing desk has a bamboo desktop that exudes the beauty of nature. The construction guarantees its durability as it is stronger than steel and further reinforced with powder-coated steel tubing that makes the frame resistant to scratches and stains. The carbonized 2H lacquer coating of the desktop makes it resistant to scratches, water, and insects.

The powerful motor core has an improved structure and the advanced dual-motor lifting system boosts the loading capacity and ensures maximum stability even at the highest setting. On the other hand, the frame of this bamboo standing desk is highly customizable and the cross-bar-free design provides more legroom and flexibility.

Another wonderful feature of this standing desk is that it has an energy-efficient LED display with an advanced keypad wherein you can change your sit/stand postures and program them to remind you later when it is time to change your posture. The three (3) memory heigh presets and the programmable sit/stand reminder system makes it an outstanding work table for your workstation.  

On top of these, it is certified with the highest industry standard that guarantees long-lasting use and durability compared to other brands. Owning one will be a great privilege because Flexispot is one of the most trusted brands and most loved by millions all over the world.

You can also compare the features of this standing desk and also the price and you will see that the features outweigh its price and benefits that you could reap when you own one. Sometimes we tend to buy something that is cheaper, however, the functionality is not worth the money we spend on it. So we have to be cautious about spending money especially when it involves bigger things such as a piece of furniture.  

While considering the price, you must also try to see the pros and cons of buying a new piece of furniture for your home office. The market is saturated with many kinds of furniture brands that it is sometimes hard to pinpoint which is the best when it comes to quality and cost.

With the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, you are assured that you are getting one that its features exceed your expectation and the price is just reasonable for the purchase. Why not visit the company’s website today and see for yourself other wonderful products that you would love to own. It is just a click away!