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Why Doctors Recommend Adjustable Beds?

17 August 2022

Adjustable beds can offer distinct advantages for people with various health conditions, including sciatica, asthma, acid reflux and rheumatoid arthritis. They are also great for those who want a comfortable night’s sleep. But do doctors specifically recommend adjustable bases to any of their patients? And for what reasons? This article considers why doctors might deem an adjustable bed base appropriate for their patients.

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Conventional beds are often not as comfortable as they look. They keep us in a restricted and static horizontal position throughout the night, resulting in a restless and uncomfortable night’s sleep. When we sleep in a traditional bed, we can find ourselves moving around a lot as we toss and turn, trying to get comfortable. If only we could have a bed that could be tailored to perfectly fit our body shape and support our optimal sleeping position. This is where an adjustable bed comes in!

An adjustable bed frame allows you to alter your mattress's position, whether elevating your head, legs, or even both. Your position can be changed with the touch of a button, providing you with a convenient, practical, supportive sleeping solution. If you struggle to find the optimal sleeping position every night, an adjustable bed base can help to find it for you!

What Conditions Can An Adjustable Bed Help With?

While an adjustable bed can benefit anybody trying to get a decent and comfortable night’s sleep, many health conditions can be improved with the flexibility that an adjustable bed base delivers. Many doctors and other healthcare professionals recommend adjustable bed frames to patients to control and reduce their symptoms. These are some of the medical conditions that an adjustable bed can help:

● Generalised Back Pain and Sciatica

● Arthritis

● Herniated Disc

● Fibromyalgia

● Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

● Asthma

● Acid Reflux and Heartburn

● Insomnia

● Circulatory Problems

● Swollen Feet and Legs

What Features Do Adjustable Beds Offer?

The main feature of an adjustable bed base is the ability to adjust the position and angle of your mattress, depending upon your specific needs. This can help to get you comfortable and settled for a whole night’s sleep, align your neck and spine better and ease any persistent aches and pains.

Modern adjustable beds can offer additional innovative features to ensure you get the relaxing night’s sleep you deserve. Some of the advanced features that you may benefit from include:

● In-built massage and heat pad technology

● A battery backup system so that you can still operate your bed in the event of a power cut

● Wall hugging technology allows the mattress to move back towards the wall as the bed elevates. This technology ensures that you always remain within easy reach of your bedside table

● Preset positions allow you to navigate to your favourite position quickly

● Bluetooth connectivity and voice control will enable you to control your bed remotely using your smartphone or even your voice!

● In-built USB ports offer a handy way to charge your mobile phone or tablet

● Under bed lighting can create an ambient backlight in your room, allowing you to find your way to the toilet more easily through the night

When choosing your adjustable bed, consider what features are important to you and what is within your budget.

What Should You Consider When Buying An Adjustable Bed?

There are a few things that you should consider before you purchase your brand new adjustable bed.

● Noise level

Some adjustable bed mechanisms are noisy and may wake up other family members at night. However, some quieter options are available, so be sure to check these out if any of your family members are light sleepers.

● Bed weight

While adjustable beds are understandably heavier than their conventional counterparts, some are lighter than others. Therefore, consider the total weight of your chosen bed before making your purchase.

● Additional features

Ask yourself what features are worth paying extra for. For example, you will pay significantly more for a feature-rich adjustable bed, so make sure it is worthwhile.

● Pricing

Know your budget and stick to it.

It may be worthwhile purchasing your adjustable bed base from a company that offers a risk-free trial period, such as Flexispot. Our 30-day risk-free trial allows you to try out our adjustable bed base in the comfort of your home with no obligation to purchase it if it is not suitable for you.

Takeaway Message

If you have a chronic medical condition, your doctor or physiotherapist may recommend using an adjustable bed. Research your options carefully to discover which adjustable bed features will benefit you most.