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What to Wear While Working From Home

06 June 2022

Our wardrobes have gone through a revolution during the recent pandemic, just as our work lives have. Lines of crisply ironed suits have been replaced with comfort-minded clothing as many of us worked from our kitchen tables and sofas. Ties have fallen into history. Slippers have replaced uncomfortable smart shoes. Day pyjamas provided the comfort that many of us sought during the last two unsettling years. But working in sleepwear can have a negative impact on your mood and productivity. And now that many of us are permanently working from home, it is time to consider what we wear when we work remotely.
Finding the balance between in-office businesswear and uber casual working-from-home wear can be difficult. But, whether you shop in the menswear or womenswear departments - or float between the two - here are some excellent tips for dressing up your work-from-home wardrobe (while maintaining the all-important comfort levels!):

The Casual Button-Up

A laid-back flowing shirt is a great addition to any work-from-home wardrobe. You can find oversized shirts, made from comfortable fabrics, on offer in both menswear and womenswear departments. These shirts can help put you into work mode, while still keeping an eye on your comfort. Tight-fitting shirts, stiff collars and ties are certainly a thing of the past.

A Pair of Not-Quite-Leggings

Replace the loungewear you enjoy working in with a pair of comfortable, elastic-waisted trousers. Although much smarter than loungewear, these trousers are as comfortable as leggings or joggers and are made of softer material than typical businesswear trousers. These drapey trousers are often crease-resistant and will remain comfortable for the whole day.

Super-Comfy Knits

Unlike your plain white t-shirt, everyday knitwear can combine comfort with smartness, providing evidence on work video calls that you have changed out of your sleepwear. Lighter knit tops, sweater vests and ribbed cardigans are great for spring and autumn, while chunky knits will keep you toasty in the winter months. Opting for plain colours can add a touch of minimalist elegance to an otherwise comfort-focused outfit.

One-Size-Up Jeans

Yanking on some skinny jeans just to sit at your desk, with only your upper body visible on Zoom meetings, is unappealing. However jeans can be very versatile and - if you shop relaxed styles and one size up - comfortable. Whether you prefer a high-rise straight leg or a slouch fit, there are plenty of denim options which make perfect working from home attire.

Flowing Summer Wear

On warm days, light materials and flowing cuts are your work-from-home best friends. Loose linen shirts, hidden-below-your-desk comfy shorts and floaty dresses will keep you feeling cool and summery.

Almost-Pyjama Sweats

On those days when a little extra comfort would work wonders and when you don’t have to appear on a video camera, working in your sleepwear can be very tempting. Since the lockdowns of the pandemic, clothing retailers have had to put more thought into their loungewear collections. Matching sweater sets made of cosy materials are now designed to look much more presentable and even stylish. Think of your fashion-forward sweats as your socially-accepted day pyjamas and seek them out when you need a comfort boost.

Slipper-Like Shoes

While it can be tempting to stick on some polar-bear-patterned woollen socks or your fluffy slippers, putting on shoes (even if they are indoor-only shoes) will give you a get-up-and-go boost. Opt for fur-lined Uggs for maximum comfort and toasty toes. If you tend to get over-warm during the working day, invest in some soft sliders or slip-on shoes.

Trusty Scrunchies (and other accessories)

Keep a silk scrunchie or large hair clip handy to tie back your hair while you work. Keeping your favourite accessories at your desk will allow you to swoop your hair into power work mode quicker than blinking!

Blue-Light Glasses

If you suffer from regular headaches or tension after a long day at your computer, try some blue-light glasses. Blue-light glasses can help to reduce eye strain and lessen the impact of blue-light exposure. If you have prescription glasses, you can get blue-light filters added to your regular specs, usually at an additional cost.

Your Favourites

Why should your favourite clothes be relegated to the back of your closet, unworn except for the occasional social outing? Often putting on your favourite items will boost your mood. So why not wear your beloved leather-look skirt, off-the-shoulder top, or burgundy suede jacket on days when you need a boost?

Dressing for work when you work from home can quickly become a thoughtless and mood-draining task. It’s too easy to reach for an old pair of joggers, a fresh set of pyjamas or just stay wrapped up in your dressing gown. But getting dressed properly will boost your mood and increase your productivity. It will also help you to rediscover forgotten items in your wardrobe and give your favourite items more wear time.