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What to Consider Before Buying an Adjustable Bed

10 August 2022

The demand for adjustable beds is increasing. Adjustable beds are mostly found in hospitals, medical clinics, and care homes. However, no adjustable beds are making their way into homes, and mattress companies and adjustable bed providers are focusing on production, to quickly respond to intense demand - leading to lower prices.

You may be considering buying an adjustable bed for your home to increase quality sleep and rest. The decrease in the prices of adjustable beds has made it possible for people of all budgets to acquire one, and if you are new to the adjustable bed market, here are some things to consider before splashing out on your new purchase.

Adjustable Bed Features

There are many types of adjustable beds, single, double, and even king sized beds. When buying an adjustable bed, you should choose according to your height, weight and physical needs.

If you opt for an electric adjustable bed, you can raise or lower your bed easily by using a remote control. This feature gives you unique flexibility. Whereas manually adjustable beds are generally cheaper but require you to physically adjust the bed before getting in.

One of the main, but often overlooked, benefits of adjustable bed firmness is the supprot for the hip and waist area.

Lying with your legs even slightly raised can help remove tension from the middle, giving long sufferers of lower back pain great relief during sleep.

Another great feature of adjustable beds is that some have the option to change to a flat position a while after you go to sleep. In this way, instead of lying in an upright position all night and waking to move, your bed will automatically return to the position you set.

Another important thing to consider when choosing an adjustable bed is the energy boost you will receive the following morning. Getting a great night's sleep lifts any mood, and relief from pain makes us feel calmer, happier and ready to start the day.

Buy According to Your Needs

Adjustable beds are a new experience for many people, and choosing the right one can feel like a daunting task. That’s why before you buy your bed, you should understand your basic needs first, but overall most adjustable beds cater for a full range of physical needs.

If you have a medical condition, the adjustment features of these beds will support you during the night. Your needs will differ according to the level of support you need and which areas of your body are affected, so if you are unsure always ask your healthcare specialist and adjustable bed provider.

Unwanted Sounds

If you decide to buy a double adjustable bed, you should consider the sound of the motor. Electronic beds may make a humming or buzzing sound when they move and if you are sound sensitive, you will want to opt for the quietest motor you can find.

If possible, test the bed or ask before purchasing the product.

If ordering online, bed companies give a 30-day free trial option, so when you have your adjustable bed, you can try and if you are not satisfied, you can return it.

Don’t Opt Out Too Soon

Getting used to sleeping on a new bed might take a couple of days but after a short time, your body will get used to the bed and you will be able to sleep more comfortably. That is why trying the new bed for a couple of nights is the best option, to give your body a chance to adjust to the new surface and way of sleeping.

Choosing the right adjustable bed can be hard sometimes especially when it comes to comfort. A short trial in the store will not give you definite results but a good enough idea of whether or not you will enjoy sleeping on it long term.


Before buying an adjustable bed, you need to know the size of the bed you need and the maximum weight it can hold.

Choose a double or king-size bed if you have a longer height and larger weight than the average standard. it may help to measure your room also, as you do not want to buy a bed that is too large to fit in your bedroom! You should review all these details and make a decision accordingly to ensure that your new bed meets your needs comfortably.

Who Can Use Adjustable Bed

Today adjustable beds are suitable for anyone across different age groups. Adjustable beds were frequently used in the medical field, but are now used by many people at home.

If you are suffering from any physical pain, these beds offer the definitive solution to minimize your pain.

In addition, adjustable beds are an ideal solution for people with sleeping and snoring problems. It offers you a comfortable sleep, and is highly recommended for those who suffer from leg, waist, and back pain,

Adjustable beds are beneficial to those who do not suffer any pain at all and are a great deterrent to developing muscle and joint problems. After a tiring work day, you can raise your bed to the level you want and relieve the tiredness of the day. This all goes a long way to protecting your physical health.

Adjustable beds that balance your body and make you feel more relaxed throughout the night. You can easily adjust your bed,  and if you have a medical problem it is beneficial for you to choose the healthiest and most comfortable bed to support your recovery and quality of sleep.

If you have a medical condition like back pain or neck pain. You can easily lower or raise your bed according to your need. Adjustable beds offer great ease of use, especially for elderly people, and due to their increased popularity, they are available for most people on any budget.