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What Does Your Bedding Say About You?

31 August 2022


Bedroom design is a personal choice. We’re most vulnerable in our bedrooms and spend much of our lives asleep in these rooms, so the choice of decors says a lot about who we truly are.

Whether you’re a fan of an adjustable bed or a simple single bed, your sleep set-up reveals more about you than you may realise. Assessing bedroom decor is a great way to get to know your loved ones better.

Do you know what your bedding reveals about you? Or are you looking for extra design tips for a bedroom re-fresher? Keep on reading to find out what common bedroom set-ups day about you.

Soft & Premium Fabrics

Is your bed adorned with high-quality fibres? Do you love the feeling of soft fabrics while you drift off to sleep? If so, your bedding shows your love for emotional and physical comfort. For you, relaxation and the finer things in life are essential. Why scrimp on sheets when you use them every night? We’re willing to bet that your bed is also decorated with fine pillows and an extra throw, are we right?

Patterned Bedding

Does your bedding sport abstract patterns, stripes, or spots? These patterns all reflect different personalities, so we’ll break them down one by one.

Polka dots or spots give a carefree feeling. Those who choose these sheets are usually light-hearted individuals with a love for life. Polka dots on clothes are linked with multi-taskers, so you might also have great focus.

Is your betting comprised of stripes? Traditional pinstripe patterns represent a sense of order. You may be a disciplined individual who likes to have everything a certain way. However, pinstripes can also point to a refined sense of design, as they’re a classic pattern.

Animal prints symbolise confidence. Whether you’ve chosen a subtle zebra print or a bold leopard print, these patterns aren’t for the faint of heart. Those with these bed sheets are likely playful and have a unique creative side.

If your bedding is an abstract pattern, it’s likely hard to fit into one box - just like you! Those who choose unconventional designs and loud hues can’t be pinned down. You’re here to experience life and all the joyful moments in it.

Black Sheets

Perhaps one of the more uncommon options, black bed sheets are favoured by those who like sleek and sophisticated style. Like clothing, black bed sheets look put together without much fuss. This is a popular choice for anyone with a busy career that doesn’t have time to perfect their bed every morning.

Floral Prints

Can’t resist a dainty floral print? We don’t blame you. Floral bedding is one of the most popular categories on the market. Many options are soft and delicate, but you can also find bold and bright options.

If your bedding is elegant, you’re likely personable and friendly to others. You have confidence but don’t need to be the loudest in the room. If your floral bedding is vivid and bright, you enjoy everything fun. You’d rather enjoy the mysteries of life rather than settle on the small details.

White Bed Sheets

Timeless, classic, and minimalist - crisp white sheets can complete any interior design. If your bed is covered with white sheets, you’re likely a tidy person with a minimalist streak. You like things plain and simple, enjoying the beauty of a clean room.

White bed sheets may also indicate that you like looking at the larger picture. You’re constantly planning and making sure everything is moving well. White bedding is a favourite choice for leaders.

Blue Bedding

Whether navy or turquoise, blue bedding is one for laidback people. Blue is the colour of tranquillity, so implementing this relaxed hue into your bedroom proves you value relaxation above the rest. Chilled out to the max!

Quilted Sheets

Quilted sheets are rare, but if you have these on your bed, you could be a vintage lover or a stickler for tradition. Unlike cotton bedsheets, quilted bedding offers an air of classic glamour, ideal for anyone with high standards and a preference for the finer things in life. You know your worth and are not afraid to ask for it. Go you!

Unmade Sheets or Mix and Match Sheets

When you look at your bed, what do you see? Is your bed pristine? Or is it a jumble of mixed-up fabrics?

If you answered the latter, likely, you’re not the most organised. This isn’t a bad thing, though! Those with unmade beds tend to be more creative, friendly, and true dreamers. You’re a great friend to everyone and put others’ needs before yours. You’re likely popular within your social circles and the life of the party too.

The Bottom Line

Have you learned something new about yourself? Or is it time for you to adjust your bedsheets? The more time you spend decorating your bedroom, the better you feel. There’s nothing like a good night of sleep on a comfortable bed!

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