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What Are The 8 Best Office Plants?

13 June 2022

Plants can completely transform your workplace, providing a calm, tranquil and uplifting work environment. They offer a quick and budget-friendly option to spruce up your office. But choosing the right plants is a must. If you and your colleagues aren’t particularly green-fingered you need to opt for plants that are easy to maintain otherwise, your lovely new plants may not end up lasting very long! Given that most of us leave the office promptly at 5 pm on a Friday and don’t return until 9 am on Monday, the ideal office plant will thrive despite missed waterings and in the low-level light of a closed office environment. Your chosen plant may have very little sunlight exposure if you are stuck in the middle of a large office flooded with artificial light. But don’t worry, there are plenty of easy-to-care-for plants that will love to set up home in your office!

So, where do you start? Here, we discuss some of the best office plant options, that will require minimum upkeep from you but will liven up your space.

1. Cactus

A cactus is a fantastic option for any plant novice office worker. As long as your cactus is getting plenty of direct sunlight it will be happy. The good news is, during the summer you will only have to water your cactus just once a week. In the winter months, cacti require even fewer waterings, give them a splash of water every three weeks and they will thrive. Cactus plants are generally small and therefore a great addition to any office desk. There are plenty of different styles of cacti to choose from - over 2,000 species, and some even sprout colourful and attractive flowers.

2. Succulent

Also able to thrive with a once-weekly watering, succulents bring a welcome splash of green to the office. You may have noticed that succulents have a waxy coating to their leaves, this helps to prevent water loss as they store a supply of water in their leaves, stems and roots. This helps their leaves to stay nice and plump and shiny, meaning they look super healthy all the time! Succulents love plenty of light, so position them in a sunny area with lots of dry air.

3. Spider Plant

If your desk is further away from the office window, you will need to choose a plant that doesn’t mind shaded areas with partial sunlight. The spider plant is a great choice! While they need watering more frequently than cacti or succulents, they are happy to go for one to two days without water. This means that you never have to worry if you forget! As a bonus, the spider plant boasts air-purifying properties - perfect to keep your office air clean all year round!

4. Air Plant

Air plants are a great choice if you want to add a fresh and modern twist to your office. They don't even require soil, which means no unwanted mess over your desk space! Thriving on filtered natural light, it is best to position your air plant near a window that benefits from plenty of sunlight. Even though they do not grow in soil, you must still remember to water your air plant. Soak them in water for between 20 minutes and 1 hour every 7-10 days - minimal effort required on your behalf!

5. Snake Plant

The snake plant is a hardy yet homely plant, ideal for brightening up your desk space. It has stiff, vertical green leaves that form the shape of spears. It requires minimal sunlight and can go for several days without being watered. Snake plants thrive at room temperature and help to purify the office air by releasing oxygen.

6. ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant, or Zamioculcas zamiifolia to give it its official name, is one of the hardiest houseplants around. If you are looking for a virtually indestructible office plant, the ZZ plant is your best pick. It is happy in dry conditions and can survive for months without being watered. Even in low-level light, you will be rewarded with glossy and attractive green leaves.

7. Aloe Vera

You may have heard of aloe vera for its skin-soothing properties, particularly when it comes to sunburn. The gel within an aloe vera plant’s leaves has been used as a medicinal aid for many years. But the aloe plant itself can also make a lovely addition to your desk space and help to purify the surrounding air. Put it in indirect sunlight and water it infrequently and you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy plant.

8. Bamboo

Looking to bring a bit of luck into your work life? The bamboo plant is believed to bring along good fortune and wealth. It’s worth a try, right? If nothing else it's a great air purifier and will add a splash of colour to your space. You don't need to be a gardening expert to get a bamboo plant to thrive either. Simply place it near indirect sunlight, water regularly with filtered water and keep the top trimmed to avoid it getting too top-heavy.

Last Thoughts

Introducing plants to your office will improve the aesthetics, air purity, staff motivation and energy levels. Choose the right plant and it will stay with you and your colleagues for many years to come.