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What Are Adjustable Beds

07 June 2022

An adjustable bed allows you to change the alignment of either the head or foot of your bed, using controls to change the height settings. Height customisation is often needed for those suffering health problems. When in recovery from a medical problem, an adjustable bed is hugely beneficial for that ability to sit up in bed. Adjustable beds can also help in other medical ways.

Although often associated with more elderly consumers, adjustable beds have become popular in recent years as more general use cases have been adopted. These include simply wishing to read a book with your head raised or watching television from an up position. Adjustable beds offer all of this with a few clicks of a button.

Why would you need an adjustable bed?

The main example case for this style of bed is an ongoing medical ailment that requires both a laid down position and an upward head position. If you are suffering from a medical problem, it may be that you have been advised by your doctor or therapist to get an adjustable bed. However, adjustable beds are not limited to people with health problems. There are many benefits with investing in this style of bed.

Relief from chronic pain

The ability of adjustable beds to recline in different positions could give relief to some aches and pains of the torso and legs, simply by changing the position the body rests in. This in turn improves sleep and general wellbeing. This is perhaps the best therapeutic use case for an adjustable bed.

Improving your circulation

It is possible to improve the body’s circulation with an adjustable bed. Oedema is one example of an ailment which can be treated by having the legs raised which helps circulation. Swollen feet would also benefit from this sleeping position as having the legs slightly raised helps alleviate water retention.

Better sleep

Getting a good night's rest is very important. An adjustable bed can help you find that perfect sleeping position for your body - your preference may be a slight raising of the head and lowering of the feet. This in turn will give you better quality sleep, something everyone should be concerned about.

Reading or watching television are often moments where having an adjustable bed is beneficial, as a means of raising the head with adequate support. Being able to sit up and have that support for the neck and back can be therapeutic for the body. Perhaps a couple may wish for different sleeping positions and the ability to adjust each side to their own preference, this can also be achieved with adjustable beds.

Other use cases

Those who may be suffering from mobility issues due to surgery or an accident of some kind, can benefit greatly from an adjustable bed. Being bedridden is difficult for anyone. Having the choice of raising the head in order to sit up in bed can be extra important for those unable to leave the bed, helping them find that normality again. Many people with back problems will also appreciate this functionality, of sitting up but retaining good back support.

Adjustable beds can also help with snoring. People have reported less snoring when their head is slightly raised. Problems with digestion can also be helped by raising the position of the torso slightly, this in turn encourages good bowel movements.

Different styles of adjustable bed

These days adjustable beds come in all different shapes and sizes and are built for modern living. As technology has developed, there is now an extensive range of styles. Therefore you can find beds in the colour of your needs, or a headboard to match your interior design.

Flexispot are at the forefront of the market with their stylish adjustable bed designs, see this one as an example. You will certainly be able to find a bed that matches your bedroom. Modern adjustable beds are able to hide the mechanical feature and make them appear like any other normal bed, offering an elegant but highly functional design. This was something off-putting in previous models, when motorised beds could be an eyesore in the bedroom.

With modern styles, the base will be heavy to offer stability and prevent any tipping. Bases come in different materials, from steel to wood with fabric. There are many styles to choose from. You can be assured that these beds are also well tested for durability.

What else should you know?

You should consider weight limits when buying an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds come with weight guidelines. Due to the nature of the mechanism, they will perform badly under weights they were not designed for. The noise from the motor is largely unnoticeable in modern models, an aspect of older models that has been developed and improved.

It is important to pick the right mattress for your adjustable bed. Not all mattresses are appropriate for adjustable beds and choosing the wrong mattress can potentially damage. Memory foam, latex, reflex foam, gel foam and pocket sprung mattresses are all suitable for adjustable beds - just make sure you get the dimensions correct, since it will have to fit neatly onto the base.

Adjustable beds are definitely something worth considering for everyday needs. It is no longer only a convenience for those suffering medically, but can be used for posture support as well as many other scenarios.