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Ultimate Guide To Travelling For Work

08 July 2022


When you hear business travel, what do you imagine? A glamorous trip with all the trimmings? Or do you think of a hellish week packed with stress and last-minute packing?

If you thought of the latter, it might be time to refresh your business travel plan.

Travelling for work can be stressful, especially if you’re on the road every other week or away for extended periods. But did you know there are some hacks to make travelling easier and even enjoyable? Gasp! This may sound far-fetched, but if you organise and make the most of your trips, you can also start enjoying them.

Whether you’re new to business travel or an experienced veteran, keep reading. We’ve rounded up the top tips to help you travel without stress. From putting your comfort first to using rewards cards, here’s what every business trip should include.

Think Ahead While Packing

Okay, we’ll start with the most obvious tip. When packing for your time away, run through what you’ll need in your head before you go. It’s easy to end up packing in a hurry, but when you do this, you often forget things. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel and realising you’ve only packed one shirt. Last-minute shopping isn’t on the plan!

Instead, take 15 minutes to run through each day in your head. This way, you can plan your outfits and toiletries around what you’ll use. Plus, it’ll help you remember miscellaneous items, such as a gym kit or workout clothes if you’re away for some time.

Schedule Time For You

Business trips can be non-stop. From back-to-back meetings to after-work drinks, it always feels like you don’t get a moment of peace. While this can be endured for shorter trips, if you’re away for weeks or months, you can’t go out every evening without burning out.

Make sure you take an evening or two to relax and reset. This improves your mental well-being, productivity levels, and overall mood. Saying goodbye to the social drink for one evening won’t hurt!

Prioritise Comfort

If you’re taking flights or long train journeys, do you need to wear those shoes that pinch your feet? Of course, when travelling for work, you can’t wear casual clothes, but you can make smart wardrobe choices to keep you comfortable.

Before jetting off, consider how long you’ll be in each outfit and how comfortable it is. If you stand for long periods, heels might not be the best option. The same goes for temperatures; if you’re in a hot environment, you might want to skip the long-sleeve shirts and sweaters. Again, these tips seem simple, but taking note of them makes a difference.

Make The Most Out Of Networking

Though we previously suggested carving out time for yourself, the opposite applies too. If you’re on a business trip that involves social mixers, don’t avoid them like the plague! Networking while on the road is essential, as you’ll be with people who live miles away.

Even if you don’t feel like it, attend some of the organised social events. You might learn something new or find another professional to collaborate with. It’s all about balance!

Use A Travel Rewards Card

Business travel and air miles go hand in hand. If you don’t already, switch to using a rewards credit card so you can earn points while you’re working. This way you can treat yourself to a future holiday thanks to all that hard work.

Some credit cards offer free hotels and travel allowances - and they’re available for no extra cost. This is one of the most essential hacks for frequent fliers.

Take Time To Contact Home

Travelling for work can be lonely. Unlike vacations, work travel can involve a lot of time with strangers and moments alone. While this doesn’t bother some, it can be challenging for others - especially if you have family or children at home.

If you find yourself feeling low, it might mean you should schedule a few extra calls home. When you’re busy working, it’s easy to miss your family, especially in two different time zones. Planning calls ahead will ensure you’re both on the same page and free to talk at an arranged time.

Check, Then Check Again

Finally, and possibly the most important tip is to check your travel plans - and then check again. Countless flights have been missed due to rushed planning, so don’t end up waiting for a plane that left yesterday.

When your next business trip is coming up, ensure you check that your hotel reservation, flights, and other commitments are booked for the right time and in the correct city. Double-check to reduce your stress!

The Bottom Line

Whether you love or hate it, business travel isn’t going anywhere soon. Avoid having a stress-inducing trip with these hacks and make the most of your time away. Good luck and bon voyage!

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