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The Optimal Desk Arrangement for Enhanced Performance

01 July 2021

How can we ensure that we can perform at our best while working from home without being able to work in our typical dedicated office spaces? Even the most seasoned employees find remote work to be psychologically and physically demanding. 

You will need the ideal home desk layout to keep a pleasant workflow and increase productivity. We have put up a quick guide on how to set up your desk for maximum productivity.

Learn how to set up your workstation for maximum efficiency

This is a foregone conclusion. How can you be productive if you are surrounded by clutter and spend the majority of your time looking for something that you urgently need? Excess, needless clutter can also contribute to your stress levels. 

A disorderly workstation can reduce your productivity. The confusion of a cluttered desk, in the broader scheme of things, can induce brain overload and exacerbate your unproductive procrastinating tendencies.

Creating a system is the key to having a well-organized workstation. Take the time to create a structure of folders and subfolders, as well as appropriately naming all of your files for future searches. With this productivity desk arrangement advice, you will save a ton of time and aggravation by knowing just where to look for what you need.

Plants are better seen on the most productive worker's desk

There are several reasons to include a good dose of plant life in your diet, including your health. We spend so much of our time at work indoors, and poor air quality in your home office can be harmful to your health and productivity. By filtering and decreasing contaminants in the air and distributing clean oxygen for you to breathe, bringing plants into space enhances the air quality.

Many flowery plant varieties provide delightful aromatherapy effects as well. Plants can help us feel better by decreasing blood pressure, energizing the intellect, and possibly promoting deeper, more restful sleep patterns. Many scientific studies have demonstrated that plants are extremely useful for the sick, dramatically reducing stress levels among long-term patients.

Make sure to factor in both natural and artificial light

Having the right illumination to support your productivity at home, whether it is at dawn, in the middle of the day, or late into the night, is critical. To create the finest desk layout for productivity, you will need the proper source of both natural and artificial light. If possible, place your desk in the brightest room in your house. Natural light is a wonderful approach to increase productivity and concentration, as it enhances one's mood while also lowering one's utility expenditure.

So go for the largest, brightest window you can find and check if your workstation will fit in there. Keep in mind that different tasks necessitate significantly different illumination. Lighting that works for someone who edits and color corrects video footage, for example, will not work as well for someone who is reading text or working with long spreadsheets full of figures.

Get up and move around

Every day of the week, sitting in the same position for hours on end is enough to drive anyone insane. Take lots of brief, quick breaks to obtain a new perspective on the activity or task you are working on to avoid feeling stuck and the aggravation of hitting a productivity wall.

Investing in an adjustable standing desk is a terrific method to improve blood flow and physical activity while working from home. Medical doctors recommend that after each hour of sedentary work, we stand for 15 to 20 minutes.

FlexiSpot has a large assortment of standing workstations for both the home and the workplace. Just like the Adjustable Standing Desk  EC5. With the touch of a button, you can go from a comfortable seated position to a standing position, allowing you to maintain your focus and improve your posture when you need it most.

One of the most productive desk layout options available is an adjustable standing desk. In addition, when you take a little break from your standing desk, you can do some simple exercises. It will provide you with numerous advantages that you may not be aware of.

The ideal desk setup necessitates the ideal office chair

We spend so much time in our office chairs, no matter where we work. Back discomfort and neck cramps are a serious challenge when it comes to working from home and increasing productivity. 

It is critical to get a comfortable office chair to create the most efficient desk configuration for you. A chair that hurts your back can do major damage to your posture, which affects not only your productivity but also your health and well-being in the end.

A chair that promotes good posture will help you sit up straight and avoid back and neck problems. A nice ergonomic office chair should not be overlooked. Although an ergonomic office chair may not be to everyone's taste, once you sit in one and work in it, you will notice a significant difference. 

FlexiSpot has a variety of ergonomic office chairs in a variety of colors and materials, as well as a variety of price points, to suit your physical needs and personal preferences. 

Personalize your work environment

Take advantage of the convenience of working from home and personalize your workspace! Sure, keeping things simple makes sense, but studies have shown that being able to customize our workspace helps us deal with distractions and stress better. It provides us a sense of control and creates a more favorable relationship between our identity and our place of work.

Having personal objects on our work desks drives us to work harder because it gives a workplace a feeling of identity rather than just being a cog in a corporate machine. It is, nonetheless, critical to maintaining a sense of equilibrium. Make sure things are not overly distracting. Personalize your room sparingly. Stick to personal objects that will motivate you to work.

Settle the noisy background

How effectively we can stay focused during each working hour determines our productivity and workflow throughout the day. Background noise has been demonstrated in studies to make it more difficult to stay focused at work. Isolating yourself from distracting background noise can substantially aid in increasing and maintaining productivity. It is a good idea to have a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones in your arsenal as part of a productive desk setup. While your favorite song might elevate your emotions and increase your energy levels, sometimes all we need is some clean white noise to help us focus and complete our tasks.

What do you need for a productive desk setup?

You need to consider your space first and then plan a reasonable budget to set up a productive working desk. You can read the above tips to get more information and advice for your desk setup idea. 

The way a desk is set up has a major impact on your work performance. Using a standing desk and ergonomic chair for your workspace setup does not only help reduce your stress but also helps you combat obesity and weight gain due to prolonged hours sitting at work.