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The Importance Of Good Quality Bedsheets

05 July 2022

Buying bedsheets is an experience that is often rushed with little thought given to it. However, this should never be the case.

Good quality bedsheets can be crucial to an excellent night's sleep and for several other reasons, like being beneficial for your overall hygiene.

In this article, we will cover the importance of having good quality bedsheets, as well as dropping a few top tips to manage your bed linen adequately.

Let’s get going!

It Feels Amazing

Few experiences are as satisfying as slipping into a bed with high-quality bedsheets.

Imagine you come back from a long day’s work, have your nighttime bath or shower, and decide it’s time for bed.

Would you rather get into a bed with scratchy, low-quality bedsheets - or into a quality set of sheets that are comfortable and luxurious. It seems an obvious choice to make for anyone who takes an interest in sleeping well.

We sleep for one-third of our lives. Spending such a long time in an uncomfortable state just doesn't make sense.

Sleeping apparatus is a vital part of your bedroom that you should invest in, and most of us follow this rule when purchasing mattresses and bed frames. Bedsheets should be no exception.

Quality Lasts

You may see a cheap set of bedsheets that look OK to sleep on. Maybe you’re tempted to make the purchase.

Don’t be fooled. Buying cheap, drab bedsheets is simply not worth it. The sheets might be scratchy, made of low-quality material, and deteriorate much faster than their expensive counterparts.

Not only will bad sheets waste your money, but also your time. Once they waste away beyond repair, you will have to go out and search for another set from scratch.

Save yourself the hassle. You have far better things to do. Buy once, but buy well.

Make the initial investment into some quality sheets, and you will ensure they last a long while and sustain a high quality throughout their lifetime.

Better Sheets Mean Better Hygiene

Why do we need bedsheets in the first place? Can’t we just sleep in our beds without a cover and save time and money?

The answer to that question is a simple no.

Your bed is a breeding ground for microscopic life. There are many reasons - some too revolting to mention - why having a bedsheet and washing it regularly has to be a compulsory part of your cleaning routine.

Fungi and bacteria from your body. Lint and cotton from your clothing. Sweat. There are too many sources of dirt that can make your bedsheets unhygienic.

To keep yourself clean, you should change your bedsheets at least once a week. Get yourself into a routine of doing so, and you will find yourself much more comfortable in bed (with a reduced chance of getting ill).

Along with washing your bedsheets consistently, it’s crucial that the bedsheets you do buy are of high quality. Some of the more expensive types have hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties, which can help resist bacterial infestation and improve hygiene.

You Will Sleep Better

This is an obvious one.

Cotton is made up of natural fibres, which gives it a level of breathability that simply isn’t there with synthetic fabrics. Sleeping in cotton sheets allows your body to self-regulate its temperature while you sleep, so you don’t wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

It is also significantly softer than alternative materials and means you will have a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

You may find the term ‘Egyptian Cotton’ familiar which is the most decadent type of bedding you can buy. If within your budget, these bedsheets are an excellent option - but any kind of cotton is sufficient to meet a good standard.

Quality Sheets Improve With Time

You may have noticed that whenever you buy new sheets, they might be stiffer than you expected. Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet - this is a normal phenomenon with fresh linen.

Good quality sheets get softer, silkier and more comfortable with every wash cycle.

This is in stark contrast to poor-quality bedsheets that might get scratchier and more uncomfortable every time they go in the wash.

One best practice recommended by linen companies is to wash your bedsheets before putting them on for the first time. This prevents that first uncomfortable night with scratchy bedsheets, so you enjoy them properly in all their glory.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered bedsheets and why you shouldn’t be careless with bed-related purchases.

An increased level of comfort, paired with better quality sleep and significantly better hygiene - surely means that good quality bedsheets are a must for anyone who enjoys their sleep.

Get your wallet out and make sure you make the investment. Your brain, body, partner, and overall health will thank you!