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The Freelance Summer Lull

23 June 2022


Though some industries boom in the summer, this period can be suspiciously quiet for some. Especially if you’re a freelancer.

Whether you’re new to freelance life or not, it’s normal to feel uneasy about the slow pace of work in the summer months. When you’re jumping from contract to contract, it can feel worrying when the pace slows down. But don’t worry, the industry always picks up again in the autumn!

If you notice work getting quieter, try averting your attention somewhere else. We’ve found a range of activities you can do now to take your mind off the stress. From prepping your business to chilling out, keep reading to learn how to beat the summer lull.

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How To Beat The Summer Blues

It’s no secret that freelancing can feel quite nerve-wracking in the summer. When your work seems to be drying up, and more and more clients go offline, it’s hard not to feel uncertain.

If you want to shake this dreaded feeling, keep reading. Here are the top suggestions to guide freelancers through this period with as little stress as possible.


We’ve all been there. When something is worrying us, it’s easy to get worked up and stressed. Some may even experience anxiety attacks or stress-related symptoms. However, as a freelancer, you have to understand that sometimes work does slow down. There are usually no nasty reasons or bad luck. Companies just take time off in the summer, leading to a lower workflow.

Take a step back and breathe. Those clients you’re waiting on will be online sooner than you expect!

Batch Work

Do you run your blog? Or perhaps you have a photography side hustle? Whatever work you’ve been putting off, it’s time to get on top of it. When your main income stream dries up, it’s time to work on your spare time ideas.

Many freelancers use quiet time as an excuse to catch up on their own blogs or content, allowing them to promote their skills without client briefs. This is the perfect time to let your creative juices flow!

Learn A New Skill

Another great way to spend the quiet summertime is learning a new skill. The Linkedin skill tests are a popular way to refresh your knowledge and display your abilities to potential clients. You could also take an online course in a subject close to your niche, widening your services for the rest of the year.

The skill doesn’t have to be work-related, though! Many freelancers take this time to learn different skills. From sports hobbies to painting, use this free time to invest in yourself.

Refresh Your Website

All freelancers need a good website. But, not everyone enjoys building them! If you’ve been putting a website refresh off for a while, the summer is the perfect time to pull your sleeves up and dig in. This often seems like a big task, but it’s usually quite enjoyable once you get going. There’s nothing like showing off your best work and attracting new clients!

Organize Your Files

Again, this isn’t the most exciting way to spend your time, but it’s a job that needs to be done. How many of us can say that our files are in perfect order right now? Probably not many.

The summer is a great time to do some digital housework. Clear out your files, organize your documents, and start to file your taxes. If you start now, your future self will thank you for it!

Apply To New Jobs

If you’re especially worried about how quiet your workflow is, take the time to be proactive and apply to jobs. One of the benefits of freelance work is that you can always pick up new clients. If you suspect some clients have disappeared, start cold pitching or applying to remote roles to boost your payroll. Note - this works best when your website is refreshed!

Edit Your Home Office

It’s great to get your digital files in order, but how does your home office look? As a freelancer, you’re in complete control of your surroundings. Take time to give the office a big clean. You can even treat yourself to some new goodies. That office chair you really want? It’s time to buy it!

Take A Holiday

Finally, if you’ve completed the above steps, reward yourself with a holiday. If your corporate clients are out of the office enjoying the summer, you should be too! We all deserve some rest, and it can improve our mental and physical health.

Bottom Line

Don’t twist yourself into a knot stressing about the quiet months! Seasoned freelancers are aware of slow periods in the summer and budget for them every year. Use this experience to learn and prepare for possible quiet times next year. When in doubt, enjoy the summer!

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