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The FlexiSpot Distribution Facility Is Moving to a New Warehouse in Northampton

27 May 2022

As some of you may or may not be aware - at Flexispot - we made the decision to leave our current warehouse at Toledo Close in the Coventry Business Park for the newer, bigger, and better Unit 1 distribution facility in G-Park Northampton.

This decision was reached after several long and strategic meetings where we discussed how we can not only continue to grow as a company and provide our customers with the best service and products on the market but also how we can make the local communities benefit from our presence in the area.

In the sections below, we will cover all of these topics as well as share the most relevant data that inspired our move to Unit 1 in G-Park Northampton.

Why We’re Moving to a New Warehouse

One of the biggest reasons why we decided to move to this specific area was due to its location. The G-Park is situated in very close proximity to the M1 and M40, which offer an easily accessible connection to the north and the south while the M6 and A14 provide excellent connection to the east and west.

This means that we can practically reach 90% of the population in England and Wales within a four hour drive in a HGV. This not only means that you can enjoy a faster delivery of your products but also less air pollution, which we care deeply about.

Another reason that inspired our move to Northampton was that the growth of employees in logistics in the area has grown by over 50.9% over the last 15 years. This means that over 8.4% of the workforce in Northamptonshire works in logistics compared to the average of 5.2% in East Midlands, 5.8% in South Northamptonshire, and 4.6% in the UK as a whole.

Not only that but the whole Northamptonshire population of 750,000 people can reach Unit 1 in G-Park within a 40 minute drive-to-work time, which is crucial for our talented and hard-working workforce.

The Benefits For You - Our Customers

As we can reach 90% of our customers in Wales and England within just 4 fours - that means that you - our valuable customers can enjoy an even faster delivery when you make an order directly through the FlexiSpot website.

Whether you’re after a height-adjustable desk for your new home office or an office chair to support your posture - depending on your location - we can get it out to you faster than ever before.

Besides that, the carbon footprint of your purchases will likely be reduced by a substantial percentage, which means both us and you can contribute towards a more sustainable planet.

The Benefits For the People of Northampton

A very large percentage - currently 8.4% - of the local population (nearly double that of the UK average) work within the logistics industry. And so, our move to the Northampton area opens up a new array of opportunities for the local workforce in logistics.

Our new warehouse has a total of 35 employee car parking spaces, which means that a few dozen people can start or find a spark in their careers at FlexiSpot.

The Benefits for FlexiSpot

When such big decisions are made - we make sure that everyone including the FlexiSpot business benefits from the move. One of the core benefits to our company is the breath of fresh air as far as storage space is concerned.

When a company grows as fast as FlexiSpot - it’s very difficult to continue growing when the storage facility that we used to work out of was practically maximised. There was no more room for growth - so we had to find a bigger warehouse. And fortunately, Unit 1 in G-Park is bigger and better than what we’re used to with a capacity of fitting over 5,000 pallets.

Aside from that - Flexispot will benefit from the central location of the warehouse too. Not only can our delivery drivers reach 90% of the English and Welsh population within 4 hours, but there are five international airports within two hours drive and major rail freight terminals within 40 to 90 minutes.


Moving from our Coventry warehouse to Unit 1 in G-Park in Northampton is an exciting new chapter for FlexiSpot. We will not only have access to a bigger, better, and more environmentally friendly warehouse, but we can also employ dozens of people from the local area that are seeking a new challenge in their professional careers.

And if that wasn’t enough - we can reach over 90% of the Welsh and English population within a four hour HGV drive thanks to the fantastic connections to the different motorways around Northampton. This means less air pollution during deliveries and faster delivery times for our customers in the surrounding area.