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The Best Bed Frame With Several Options - Adjustable Bed Base EB01

01 September 2022

Finding the correct type of mattress can take your time and thought. But if you have ever done shopping for a bed frame, mattress or sheets, you may know the amount of effort required. Since it is a huge and visible piece of furniture, there are a few essential things to consider, such as the type of bed frame, design material, height, underbed space, and supporting accessories.

Type and Style

Before buying a bed frame, space is the top aspect you should consider. If your bedroom is small or you prefer a minimalistic silhouette, a better option would be a platform bed frame. It is a basic and simple base for your mattress; no box spring is required. All bed frames are built on a platform foundation with headboards, overhead canopy, underbed storage and much more. Also, the mid-century modern style bed frames come with iron-work and sleek contemporary options. So, you must select wisely depending on your taste, budget, and space.


Once you choose the look of your bed, you can decide whether you want a bed frame made out of metal or wood. The former material will give a more contemporary feeling unless you choose a traditional wrought-iron style, while the latter will lend a more natural and rustic vibe to your bedroom space. However, if style is secondary and comfort is your primary aspect, an upholstery bed can help you accomplish that pretty well.  


Many bed frames fall under the expensive price range, i.e. over $1000. You can find several options that offer the same sought-after style for a lot less. However, the basic platform beds will be one of the most affordable ones. Nonetheless, there are more frames with more of a character and fall under your budget.

Adjustable Bed Base EB01 – The Best Choice

While you must consider all the aforementioned elements, FlexiSpot’s Adjustable Bed Base EB01 can be your go-to choice. This sturdy steel six-legged design ensures the stability of the bed frame as it offers several customization options. Also, the single and queen-sized bed base can relieve discomfort and elevate sleep with a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

Iron and steel bed frames can be a great way to make a design statement in your bedroom. Such frames come with low platform height, yet they give the illusion of more open space. The frame is the best option for all those who want something more minimal and modern.  

· Reduces Pain and Improves Sleep

You can find the optimal posture for sleeping, working, and relaxing with the help of the 0-60-degree head inclination and 0-35-degree foot incline installed in this bed frame. The FlexiSpot adjustable bed base can aid with getting out of bed, enhancing sleep quality, and relieving the impact of back pain, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), snoring, and sleep apnea symptoms on nocturnal sleep. Also, it is ideal for pregnant women having discomfort during their tenure.

· Tested 10,000 Times

FlexiSpot’s adjustable bed has been tested 10,000 times and has proven to have a whisper-quiet motor with automotive-grade rust-proof steel. It determines the durability and quality of the bed frame. Further, the frame's stability is ensured by its six legs, making it difficult to tip over. You can lie on the bed in any position because it can support up to 600 pounds.

· Customizable Under-bed Space

Depending on your preferences, the bed legs come in 3 different heights, i.e. 3", 6", and 9. The maximum 9" height level ensures the 25 cubic foot under-bed storage space is provided. Additionally, FlexiSpot bed bases can be fitted into standard-sized bed frames without slats and can be used as a standalone support system.

· Detail-Oriented

Anti-slip Felt Stickers

The box containing the legs has 6 sheets of anti-slip felt stickers that can be applied to the bottom of the legs to safeguard your flooring.

Retainer Bar

There is no risk of the mattress slipping during modifications, thanks to a specifically made mattress retaining bar.

Simple to Use

The bed base may be quickly and easily adjusted to your preferred resting position.

· Exclusive Customization Service

The FlexiSpot adjustable bed base has a 10-year warranty. In addition, it gives clients a 30-day trial and a returned goods refund, including shipping and handling costs if they order from the website. Lastly, they have exceptional customer service that works round the clock to address any of your concerns immediately.

Now that you know which bed frame to buy for a modern and minimalistic look, order today from the website.