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Ten Tips for Creating a Positive Morning Routine

15 June 2022

How you spend your morning has a huge impact on how productive and motivated you are for the rest of the day. The best morning routines promote both productivity and wellbeing.
More than that, developing a positive morning routine can help you to clear your mind, to feel more motivated, increase your energy levels, get organised, feel healthier, and prepare yourself for a great day. Start your day off right with our tips for creating the perfect morning routine.

#1 The Night Before

An effective morning routine actually starts the night before! Ensure that you get a good night’s sleep to feel the benefits of a peaceful and regenerative rest the next morning. You should be aiming for around eight hours of quality sleep per night. Here are some tips for deep, regenerative sleep every night:
- Wind down at least an hour in advance of your bedtime. Engage in a relaxing activity like reading or crafting just before you go to sleep.
- Turn off your digital screens at least an hour before you go to sleep.
- Utilise your alarm effectively - set it for eight hours from the time which you will go to sleep.

#2 Avoid Snooze

Dodge that snooze button as an extra five minutes of sleep often turns into more. Snoozing after you have had your eight hours sleep and your alarm has already gone off can leave you feeling groggy and drowsy. Encourage the habit of getting up when your alarm goes off by:

- Set up your alarm at the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off.

- Keep slippers by your bed to reduce the dread of the cold morning air on your toes.

- Preset your coffee machine so the aroma lures you out of bed.

#3 Give Yourself Time

Giving yourself time to physically and mentally prepare yourself for work in the morning is so important. Whether you have to take a long commute to the office or a shorter one to your home office, give yourself time so that you don’t feel rushed.

Be intentional about the time that you get up so that you have time to complete your morning routine.

#4 No High Like Hydration

Combat the dehydration that builds up as you sleep by having a glass of water when you wake up. Do this before having your morning tea or coffee as caffeine increases dehydration.

#5 Enjoy A Slow Cup of Your Favourite Morning Drink

Savour the process of making your favourite warm drink or smoothie in a slow and intentional way. Try using tea leaves to make your morning cup of tea and take in the comforting aroma of the leaves. Chop up your favourite fruits to make a refreshing morning smoothie and appreciate the colours and smells - and taste!

#6 Prepare a Healthy Breakfast

Start your day off on a healthy and nourishing note by making a breakfast which is packed with vitamins and fresh ingredients to help you feel good all day.

Morning meal prep doesn’t have to take lots of time. Pre-make overnight oats, enjoy some fruit and yoghurt, or whip up some three-minutes eggs with spinach on wholemeal toast.

#7 Morning Self-Care

Spend a few moments engaging in some self-care. You might enjoy applying a face mask or a luxurious moisturiser to look after your skin. Take a refreshing shower or enjoy a relaxing soak in the bathtub.

Taking some time to mediate or practise positive affirmations can give your morning and your mental health a positive boost.

#8 Move Your Body

Squeeze in a morning workout to ensure you meet your daily exercise quota and feel the endorphins released by the exercise. Do some gentle yoga if you are not a morning person - stretching out your sleepy limbs can be revitalising.

Or you might opt for a heart-rate-raising activity such as jogging or riding a bike to clear your mind and awaken your body.

#9 Activate Your Mind

Help your mind switch on in the mornings by listening to your favourite podcasts, doing a puzzle or reading a chapter of a book. Listen to the news - but avoid doom-scrolling on social media or falling into a cycle of listening to depressing news too often.

#10 Prepare For Your Day

Successfully transition to the professional part of your day by reviewing your to-do list and ensuring you have everything you need for a productive workday.

- Pre-make your lunch and pack your work bag.

- Check your calendar for a successful start to the day. Try out a productivity tool, such as Asana or ClickUp, to stay organised and avoid the rushed panic of a disorganised work schedule.

- Give yourself plenty of time to commute to work so that you arrive refreshed and in a positive frame of mind.

Developing positive morning habits can make the difference between an average morning and a great morning. Setting yourself up for a successful and productive day is a wise investment of your time in the morning - even if you are not a morning person!