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Take nature inside your home with this bamboo desktop

29 December 2020

Bamboo is the posterchild in sustainable furniture: Bamboo is extensively used for furniture, flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, and even home accents. With its blond color and smooth finish, bamboo is a prime candidate for sophisticated homeware.


Knowing the benefits of bamboo, FlexiSpot came out with its version of a bamboo desktop, which is perfect for its line of sit-stand desk frames. The bamboo desktop is affordable and eco-friendly -- the perfect choice for when you want to create a workspace sans the guilt of harming the environment.


The bamboo desktop creation process


To know why a bamboo desktop is sustainable, let’s explore how a bamboo desktop is created. The process starts by binding sheets of bamboo using an adhesive. To note, FlexiSpot only uses environmentally-friendly adhesive to lessen any chemical exposure.


Afterward, the bamboo sheets and adhesive are placed under heat and pressure. The wood-like sheet that resulted from the process undergoes further treatment to strengthen the bamboo and prevent the growth of mold and fungi.


As the final step, the bamboo desktop is painted with UV coating or another type of laminate coating. Once done, the bamboo desktop is ready to be cut into different sizes. A bamboo desktop will be heavier than an oak plywood desktop because of the uniform bamboo density in between board layers.


The bamboo desktop is a healthier and affordable choice


FlexiSpot’s bamboo desktop is not just a real sight to behold with its natural finish, but it also has fewer chemicals than the usual desktop materials. Those are already winning attributes for its price, but here are some more reasons to choose a bamboo desktop:


  • Durability - Since a bamboo desktop is scratch- and water-resistant because of the lamination, it would look brand new for a long time.
  • Sturdiness - A bamboo desktop is not easily damaged or broken because bamboo is almost three times stronger than timber and has more tensile strength than steel. It is even better than hardwood in terms of stability. According to Gene Wengert, “The Wood Doctor”, bamboo is even stiffer than oak.
  • No swelling or shrinking - No need to worry about your bamboo desktop changing sizes. Bamboo desktops can withstand temperature changes.
  • Beautiful, smooth surface - FlexiSpot’s bamboo desktop is fine and uniform, and you can enjoy the natural feel and texture of bamboo.
  • Smells good - Get a whiff of nature with the bamboo desktop. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enter a home office with that natural smell wafting around?
  • Affordability - A bamboo desktop is affordable because it would pay for itself in the years to come and has minimal impact on the environment. Consider it as doing a good deed for yourself and the planet.
  • Longevity - Naturally, bamboo does not last for a long time. However, bamboo that underwent protective treatments tends to have a longer lifespan.


The bamboo desktop is waiting for you


Investing in a bamboo desktop is like being a great steward of resources: You will get what you pay for and help protect the planet too. On top of that, you will have a home workstation that will look good even as the years pass.