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Streamline Your Space With These Storage Tips

17 July 2020

Raise your hand if you want or need more storage for your desk! There’s just something about knowing that you have extra storage to keep your things organized. If you work on a traditional desk, chances are there are many drawers where you can keep your things. The thing is, if you transitioned to an ergonomic, you are faced with the fact that you do not have enough storage for your devices, papers, and supplies.

You can go paperless if you want or store old files in your basement. But there are times when the answer lies not in discarding things but adding a storage system in your home office.

Having a clean, clutter-free desk affects your productivity, too. According to the Harvard Business Review, our physical environment affects our brain, too. “When our space is a mess, so are we,” the article notes.


So what are my options?

Great question. It depends on your needs, budget, and existing space but we will let you decide what to buy. Here are some suggestions to get you started:


  1. Buy an under-desk drawer -- While you enjoy your height adjustable desk, you find it frustrating that you don’t have a drawer to put your bits and pieces. The answer to this is buying a drawer that you can install under your desk like this product.

The FlexiSpot drawer is spacious enough to hold up to a 22 lbs load, which is comparable to holding up 20 magazines or more than 960 pieces of A4-size papers. It comes in 14.6", 11.3", and 3.9" sizes, too.

This kind of under-desk drawer comes with its own cradle that you simply screw under your desk.

You can also try half-moon pencil drawers if you only have to store your office supplies underneath.

Make your workspace clean and tidy to improve work efficiency and eliminate stress.   The FlexiSpot Under Desk Draw product easily adds storage space to your standing desk with the convenience of a Sliding Under-Desk Drawer. It is placed in the bottom of the desktop without taking up the desktop space. It’s spacious enough to hold all your office accessories and stow personal items like keys, a cell phone, pens, and notebooks.


  1. Mobile mini cabinet -- Do you think that mounting a drawer is not enough? You can try to buy a movable mini cabinet instead. This kind of cabinet can hold tons of files and, if you get a little creative, can be turned into a makeshift table for your snacks and beverage. A piece of efficient equipment, you simply wheel this cabinet under your desk or anywhere in your office. 


  1. Hooks -- Another accessory that you can use are hooks. If you use bags for your files, you can hang them on the hooks instead. You just have to be careful to put the same weight on each side of the table for balance.

It’s not an exhaustive list for your storage needs. But at least you have an overview of the options available for you.


Other things to look out for

There are still other things that you should check out before settling the purchase such as:

Locking mechanism -- If you handle sensitive files and data, you have to make sure that you buy storage that can secure your items.

Materials -- Make sure that the materials and screws are compatible with your existing desk.

Quality -- There are brands out there that offer topnotch products that are still cost-efficient such as FlexiSpot.


Whip your desk into shape

It takes work to maintain a clean and orderly desk. With the help of drawers and cabinets, you are more likely to work in a space that sparks a positive mood and facilitates creativity and productivity.