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Sleep Everything you need to know!

30 August 2022

By now, everyone should know the benefits and significance of sleep as it has been emphasised so much in articles online, TV shows, documentaries, and of course, on all social media platforms! Despite this, very few people actually understand and contemplate the importance of sleep and the seriousness of the consequences one can face as a result of sleeping less than the required amount. Primarily due to this, we have made this article to give you a clear idea of the following concepts:

● The Importance of Sleep

● The Benefits of Sleep and

● Factors that can affect one's sleep.

If some of you are still oblivious to why sleep is given so much importance, read on!

Importance of Sleep

With hundreds of researches done on sleep and its importance day in and day out, it has become crystal clear that sleep is undoubtedly one of– if not the most important part of one’s life. Although sleep time varies across different age groups, we must all make sure that we are sleeping according to the sleep schedule for the particular age group we fall in. Sleep time can be found by visiting your doctor or simply by visiting websites online. It’s best to see your local consultant as you may be required to sleep less/more if you have certain conditions like chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders or other medical problems. Quick info on the necessary amount of sleep as per age group is as follows:

● Age 3–5 years(Preschool): 10–13 hours per 24 hours (including naps)

● 6–12 years (School Age): 9–12 hours per 24 hours

● 13–18 years (Teen): 8–10 hours per 24 hours

● 18–60 years (Adult): 7 or more hours per night

Note: As mentioned before, some people have varied sleep time regardless of the age category they fall in; this could be due to various health conditions.

Benefits of Sleep

Sleep has a countless number of benefits and advantages. Exceptionally few people will be able to survive without sleep for more than a week, so it is essential to take note of all the things sleep helps with. We have brainstormed a few essential benefits of sleep that will help us acknowledge the power and strength of sleep and take it much more seriously!

Faster and Healthier Brain

If you aren’t performing well or as well as you usually used to in school or at work, lack of sleep may be the reason why. Many established scientific studies show that a person who sleeps perfectly, i.e. the required amount, finds it a lot easier to focus and concentrate on things than those that cut down sleeping time. People with inflexible working hours probably know the feeling of having less sleep and consequently not being able to work the following day properly. Such workers with strict working hours try finding alternatives by drinking an excessive amount of coffee– some go one step further and take pills like Eszopiclone, Ramelteon etc. (don’t go near these as they are awful for health).

Huge Boost in Mood

Even though people often wake up grumpy and annoyed, sleeping a good night will enormously improve your mood and attitude – do not underestimate the power of sleep! Proven by scientific research, those who don’t give themselves enough freedom to rest and relax whenever needed often feel randomly annoyed and irritated. This is because when the body does not get enough rest, one will feel exhausted, resulting in negative mood swings and a bad attitude towards life. On the flip side, those who take care of their sleep and ensure that they always sleep on time are typically more positive than those who are careless about their sleep.

Diet Consciousness

Looking at the subheading, many of you are probably wondering, “What has sleep got to do with diet and weight control?” Well, to put it bluntly, the more you rest, the less food your body requires, and the less food you intake, the more chance you have of staying within the weight class you want! In other words, the more you exercise and engage in activities, the more food your body requires; hence, if you get the perfect amount of sleep, you will eat a lot less, thus staying within the recommended weight class. Pretty Simple, Right?

Factors That Can Have an Effect on One’s Sleep

Now that you have made it this far into the article, you are probably fully aware of how important sleep is and the benefits you will get from just sleeping well. We have discussed pretty much all the fundamental points of sleep apart from those factors that can harm an individual's sleep. Well, here they are:

Chronic Stress

People who stress and worry over little things or face a massive wave of anxiety before upcoming occasions such as result days, job interviews, disputes etc., find it very difficult to sleep. Stress and worry are some of the major and most common reasons people find it difficult to sleep, which is why there is so much emphasis on the consequences of stress. Thousands of articles each year are written on stress and the countless consequences one can face due to stress– one of which is lack of sleep. Hence, it is crucial to ensure you do not stress and worry too much, as the disadvantages certainly outweigh the benefits!


New research shows that if one is angry or upset with his loved ones, i.e. friends or family, s/he might find it relatively difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, if you are upset with one close to your heart, try to make up with them again; if you don’t do so, your sleep schedule could get disturbed more than you might expect.

The Food one Eats

The food one consumes dramatically impacts an individual's sleep. If you are a regular consumer of caffeine or alcohol, know that it will work against your sleep schedule massively. This is why you might hear doctors restraining patients from drinking tea before sleeping!