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Should You Go On A Summer Cruise?

05 July 2022


The fresh sea air, warm sun, and a peaceful view. Cruising is one of the most popular stress-busters and ways to see the world. With a new location at your feet each day, there's no wonder thousands flock to cruise ships each summer.

Is a cruise the right holiday for you? If you've been wondering where to go this summer, consider hopping aboard a cruise ship and seeing the world. Not only does cruising whisk you away to a new world, but it allows you to de-stress from busy work life.

Want to know more? Keep reading to see the top advantages of a summer cruise.

A New Location Every Day

Let's get into the key benefits of a cruise holiday. In the top spot on the list is that you can explore a new city every day. One of the main benefits of cruising is that you get to truly adventure all over the world.

Unlike static holidays, cruise ships rarely stop in one place for more than two days. If you're trying to broaden your horizons or see more of the world, this could be the summer holiday for you. Not only that, but with a cruise, you don't have to organize all the in-between travel yourself. Simply hop on and allow the ship to transport you to the next destination.

Meet New Friends

Are you a social butterfly? Don't settle for a quiet summer. Cruise ships are the best place to meet like-minded people.

Often, cruise ships attract outgoing adventurers that love to travel the world. Once you experience a cruise, you'll likely do it again! These holidays attract fans who return yearly to see the world and make new friends.

From the boat bars to the onboard social activities, cruisers enjoy mingling and enjoying each other's company. You'll likely spot friends from past cruises on these ships too! Perfect for a summer get-together.

Enjoy Different Cuisines

Have you heard rumours about the vast food options aboard these mega-ships? It's true! Cruise liners often offer two to three different restaurants, buffets, cafes, and room service food. You can even opt for fine dining with the captain!

Whether you fancy a mid-day snack or a tasty meal, all cuisines are available here. It's not just food that's plentiful, though! Cruisers also enjoy happy hours, bespoke cocktails, and fine wines whilst aboard. Yummy!

Ship Amenities

Don't worry about getting bored if your chosen cruise route involves a few days at sea. These ships are packed with amenities and activities to keep you entertained. Most cruise ships come with top-deck pools, theatres, sports courts, spas, casinos, and some even offer movie theatres.

Whether you opt for a dip in the pool or a day at sea spa session, you'll feel refreshed in no time. Cruise ship events teams prepare activities on the days at sea, including cooking, dance, and cocktail classes. You might pick up a new skill while aboard!

It Doesn't Have To Be Hot

When you think of a cruise, what image comes to mind? Is it a hot Caribbean getaway? Many of us associate cruising with scorching hot temperatures and days in the baking sun. While this is true for many routes, your cruise doesn't have to be a hot one.

If you don't fare well in the warmer weather, consider a cooler route. From an Alaskan cruise to a Baltic Sea cruise, there are options for those that want to see the world without the scorching temperatures. Make sure you research all options before booking your holiday.

Child-Friendly Cruises

Cruising isn't just for adults! Kids love these unique holidays too. Though you can book over 18 cruises, most options are child-friendly and open to families. In fact, the association between cruises and older people aren't as accurate as you'd think - many families book these holidays for their kids.

Cruise ships offer kids clubs, children's shows, and kiddie pools to keep young travellers entertained. Cruises are a good option if you want to introduce your children to the world while they're young. Relaxation and authentic family memories all in one!

Solo Cruising

Finally, a type of cruising that doesn't receive enough praise is solo cruising. Did you know that many adults opt to go cruising alone? You don't need to be in a couple or a group to get the most out of cruising.

As previously mentioned, cruises are a great place to meet new people. This allows solo travellers to see the world while making new friends simultaneously.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to book your 2022 summer holiday? Forget the all-inclusive resort. This year is all about seeing the world via boat! From Alaska to the Caribbean, cruises are here to whisk you around the world without worry. Enjoy!

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