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Mesh vs. Leather Chairs: The Pros and Cons

20 July 2022

Of all the typical office accessories, chairs are often the forgotten components despite being integral to their functionality. The right chair may be the difference between years of productivity behind your desk or otherwise discomfort and disgruntled times. The decision may appear apparent initially, but many considerations go into selecting the right office chair for your space. One crucial aspect is the fabric design type used, where the most popular options are mesh and leather.

Both types have pros and cons, meaning that you will have to put significant thought into the decision to buy either because, as mentioned before, it could define your working experience in the next few years. As we delve into the details of each type of office chair, assess them for specifications that suit you.

Leather Chairs

Leather Chairs

Leather chairs dominated offices in their earlier days due to the rampant visual impression they offered. The material presents an allure of elegance and class, seeing many executives prefer it. Regardless, it still has several downfalls, as you later see.

Leather Chairs


Pristine mage

It’s hard to argue against the luxury that leather furniture brings to spaces; it is no different with office chairs. Leather chairs are the way to go if you want a chair that will give your office space a plush image. For companies that typically work with high-end clients such as high-net-worth individuals, leather chairs may be the best option because the glossy finish will be intensely alluring. To showcase your institution's worth, elegance, and power, you should go for leather chairs and appeal to prospective clients with an elevated aesthetic.


It, however, goes without saying that comfort is a significant consideration when purchasing an office chair. In this regard, leather chairs are similarly impressive. The material lets one sink in, a sensation that few others can match. In addition, leather chairs are soft and smooth, giving you great comfort in terms of texture. The extra padding in them enables you to tire away at your work in great comfort. As such, they are the preferred option for users that prioritize comfort while working in their offices.

Easier to clean

Leather seats are easier to clean than other fabrics used to design office chairs. Leather is less absorbent than they are, meaning that if you spill anything on your chair while working, you can wipe it away with a rug. As opposed to other materials, maintenance is easier for leather chairs because, as mentioned earlier, you use a damp carpet to wipe away anything without staining. Durability

Depending on the material made from, a leather office chair can serve you for a considerable period due to its material durability. Leather has a more robust fabric that can withstand frequent use, meaning that you can spend hours on end working at your station without worrying about the condition of your chair. If you plan on buying a chair that will remain with you for some time, then a high-quality leather office chair is a good option. They can be used for up to ten years in good condition with proper care and maintenance.

leather scratch


Lack of sufficient air circulation

As per recent studies, operating in hot temperatures is among the major causes of decreased employee productivity. Leather seats are not the best option for chairs that give your ample body space for air circulation while working. The material is highly compact, thus allowing minimal air to flow over your body, meaning that spending long hours seated can leave you sweating heavily. It is even more apparent if your office is poorly ventilated, which will leave you with some discomfort. As such, before purchasing one of those posh leather chairs with extra padding, ensure your office is adequately ventilated to optimize air circulation and reduce sweating.


Leather chairs look extremely posh; however, they cost just about the same. The office chairs are incredibly pricey, particularly with high-quality leather, leaving considerable dents in the budget. Suppose your budget is a relatively affordable office chair. In that case, leather chairs are not a good option as they are typically high-end, representing a considerable investment characteristic of large institutions. They are, however, suitable if you are looking for an office chair that will serve you for some time because the high cost is justified by durability with care.

Susceptibility to scratches and bleaching

Despite their durability, leather office chairs are prone to scratches if limited care is paid to their use due to their glossy finish. Although minimal, you will require to take care of them if you hope to see them last as long as possible. In addition, leather office chairs can bleach if exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. You should ensure your office has sufficient ventilation to prevent this from happening at the expense of the luxurious appearance that they add to any office’s aesthetic.

Mesh Chairs

Mesh Chairs

As mentioned before, leather chairs were the dominant force in the office landscape before the advent of mesh chairs. Mesh chairs are a modern alteration to traditional office chairs that prioritize ergonomics requirements. They are designed with considerations about your wellbeing; technical adjustments such as the mesh enable better conditions for your body as you work. So what are the pros of mesh chairs?


Mesh office chairs' first and most apparent strength is their ability to allow optimal airflow across your body as you work. As stated earlier, high temperatures are one of the biggest obstacles to increased employee productivity. As such, mesh chairs may significantly improve the conditions in your office with the air circulation they offer.

It is due to the considerably larger spacing between their fabrics compared to leather chairs, allowing for much more airflow across your body as you work at your desk. In addition, mesh chairs are a good option if your office is poorly ventilated, allowing air circulation and lowering body temperatures. Compared to the thick padding of leather office chairs, mesh chairs are undisputedly superior as they leave you feeling cool despite sitting at your desk for extended periods.

Better ergonomics

As mentioned before, mesh chairs are modern iterations of traditional office chairs that incorporate aspects of ergonomics in their design. They include modern technology to ensure their frames sufficiently support your skeletal structure while working at your desk. With most users spending more time at our desks since the covid-19 pandemic, your skeletal system may become affected if your office chair is ill-prepared to support your back.

In this regard, mesh chairs ensure you have lumbar support to prevent musculoskeletal injuries after sitting down for long periods trying to beat a deadline. The Flexispot office chair BS1B is one such chair that offers unbridled support for your back. At the same time, you work, ensuring no preventable skeletal injuries from slouching with its excellent lumbar support.

Mesh Chairs


Better pricing

Mesh chairs are not built with materials as costly as leather chairs, meaning they are not as expensive. Suppose the price is a significant consideration for you. In that case, a mesh office chair is perhaps the better alternative as it is less likely to be too expensive. Or perhaps your firm is relatively new and still constrained by budgetary concerns; mesh chairs are incredibly affordable, meaning you can save a great deal by purchasing one.


Due to the relatively simple designs, mesh chairs are typically lighter than leather chairs bogged down by the thick padding. Consequently, mesh chairs are a good option if your office is high up a building or even if you require excellent mobility from your office chair. The lighter frames and mesh design means there is little material to weigh it down, giving you a specific time to move it around the office.

Mesh Chairs



Comfort is perhaps the biggest letdown of mesh office chairs. Unlike leather chairs, whose material makes it more comfortable to rest on while working, the mesh means you may experience the same. The mesh design lacks padding for your back to provide better air circulation. In the long run, however, the sacrifice is made up for with the extra care afforded to your body.


Mesh is less challenging than leather, meaning that such office chairs have considerably shorter service spans in great shape. Without great care, mesh office chairs can get worn out easily and tear, resulting in not aesthetically pleasing and rugged-looking seats. However, if you are diligent and plan on caring for your seat, a mesh chair is the best option because of the better health benefits.

Ultimately, mesh chairs represent the best option due to the numerous health benefits afforded by their special consideration for ergonomic principles. Consequently, the Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair BS1 is another alternative that will significantly improve your health while working hard in your office space.