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Making A Stand For Gaming Success

12 Jul. 2022

The video games industry is experiencing a sustained period of phenomenal growth, with gaming being one of the most popular hobbies around the world. Professional gaming leagues are huge in Asia, and growing in popularity across the United States and Europe, even YouTubers and live streamers are seen as major celebrities to Generation Z.

Professional gamers and influencers have for years been heavily endorsing branded gaming chairs. Whilst gaming chairs are no doubt trendy, is their popularity starting to wane? They are quite expensive, often more so than standing desks. Are we seeing a dynamic shift with gamers opting to switch to a standing setup?

The benefits of standing when working an office-based job are well known, but can standing improve your gaming success? Join us as we look at how far up the leaderboard you can get by switching to a standing gaming configuration.

Is Prolonged Sitting Bad for you?

There are an estimated 3.24 billion gamers worldwide, which is a staggering amount of people who play video games recreationally on a games console, PC, handheld console, tablet, or cell phone. PC gamers make up over half of that number, with an estimated 1.75 billion choosing to game on a PC. Sitting is no doubt the most popular way of playing games at present, however, prolonged seated gaming sessions may be detrimental to your health.

Studies have linked inactivity caused by extensive periods of sitting with being overweight or obese, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, and even early death. Sitting also slows the metabolism, causing people to retain fat. The more serious risks are rare but may happen in extreme circumstances. Prolonged sitting can cause hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) as well as neck, back, and shoulder pain.

The Benefits of Standing Whilst Gaming?

Transitioning between standing and sitting whilst gaming can have remarkable benefits. The simple act of standing burns calories, improves your posture and can even boost your mood and energy levels. Standing creates better awareness of your surroundings and keeps you aware of the time of day. It also refines your focus, which, in turn, might even improve your gaming skill!

Even if you prefer to sit, introducing a standing break will offer numerous improvements to your lifestyle. A better mood often leads to better sleep, encourages creativity and best of all improves focus. Perfect for first-person shooters where reaction times, concentration and focus determine if you win or lose.

To extend your standing gaming sessions you need to take care of your feet, anti-fatigue mats can relieve pressure on different parts of your body and make the entire experience more comfortable. Standing also increases your blood circulation which can help to boost concentration levels.

Can Standing Improve My Game?

Back in 2006, millions of gamers around the world were introduced to gaming standing up with the release of the Nintendo Wii. The Wii was the first mainstream gaming experience that encouraged gamers to stand, and even jump around their living room.

The breakthrough console was bundled with a game called Wii Sports, it contained a collection of mini sports games such as tennis, golf, bowling, and boxing. There was an element of excitement in standing in a gaming competition with your friends, and it became a popular social event.

This example demonstrates that gaining an advantage from standing depends on many variables such as the type of game that is being played. Modern-day gamers often see improvements in FPS and eSport titles. Standing for massively popular games like Counter-Strike, PUBG, Overwatch, League of Legends and Fortnite can give you a competitive edge and the ability to respond quickly to each competitive encounter.

What Is The Best Standing Desk?

Standing desks have become extremely popular in recent years, even more so since the surge in working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While your choice of gaming desk will vary based on your individual requirements, for the average gamer we recommend Flexispot’s Comhar EW8 All-in-One Standing Desk.

This desk is well built and very sturdy, great for heavy gaming monitors and speakers. It is height adjustable from 28.3" to 47.6" with multiple save points for instant adjustment to a saved position. This is very handy for shared setups! It also features superfast USB C charging points, perfect for gaming peripherals, controllers and mobile phones. There is also a deep embedded drawer to keep the desk clear from clutter.

We recommend pairing this desk with the MT1B Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat, another cool product from Flexispot that will increase your comfort allowing for longer gaming sessions and greater comfort throughout your back, feet and neck.

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