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Make Your Home Office Your Own

26 May 2022

If you’re one of the great many people working mostly or permanently from home, you’ll know how important your office space is. There was something easier about being in a co-working space after all. Your company hires a cleaner, your colleagues decorate their desks and all your furniture is provided. Working from home however, you typically have to fend for yourself.

You may have picked up a few items from your nearest bargain store at the start of lockdown or worse, you may be using furniture you already had. Hey, you may have even added a plant or two to your working space. But considering the sheer amount of time we spend working in our lives, there’s definitely something we can do to help you out, right?

Add a Personal Touch to your Home Office

We’re all different. That’s one of the reasons many of us choose to work from home where possible. We can live in our own space, at our own pace. No longer does Susan control the radio and force the whole office to listen to 80s ballads. You can listen to whatever you like. The same goes for your office space. Some offices have policies on what you can display and what you can’t. Some of us just don’t feel comfortable displaying personal items in a place we only go to work. In your home office, you can make that choice for yourself. Whether it’s a picture of the reason you work in the first place (i.e. family) or a figurine from your favourite TV show, who’s to say no?

Be Comfortable

Make sure you wear the clothes that make you feel comfy when working from home - but if you have a meeting, remember to put your suit jacket back on. Ensure you are warm enough, sat comfortably and aren’t distracted by noise pollution (or air pollution for those of you in the city).

The more comfortable you are, the happier you will be working from home within your own personal environment. Take regular breaks too, and make sure your cupboard is fully stocked with all your go-to goodies.

Turn Your Office Into a Green Space

We mentioned earlier that you may already have one or two plants in your home office. And that’s great. Now double it. Green space in your home office is statistically proven to make you better at your job. Whilst plants won’t reply to those emails you’ve been leaving on read, they will help to improve your concentration and improve your mental health. Technically, you can never have too many plants but unless you’re a botanist, we imagine you’d want to add about four or more plants. After all, just four plants could improve your air space by up to 60%. And let’s face it, the air isn’t getting any cleaner by itself. Just remember to water them.

Invest in the Right Furniture

Now’s our time to shine. After all, office furniture is what we do.We mentioned earlier how important it is for you to be comfortable within your home office space, physically and psychologically.  You see, the majority of office chairs aren’t really built to support you and result in consistent back pain. There’s no way you can feel comfortable in your home office if your back has you constantly grumbling and groaning. You deserve better and so does your back. Ergonomic chairs are literally designed to suit the shape of your spine. Not only that but chairs like the Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair are built to last with breathable mesh and high quality materials. Truly, this chair makes your old office chair feel embarrassed.

Now don’t even get us started on standing desks. Standing desks such as the height adjustable Home Office Standing Desk EG1 get you up on your feet and ready to work. Not only will a standing desk help improve your physical health as you’re literally on your feet, but your focus and concentration too. After all, standing increases your blood flow and where does that blood go, if not to your brain? Plus, there’s a sense of smug satisfaction to be had in every meeting that should have been an email whilst all your colleagues sit and you stand tall and proud.

Take Care Of Yourself

Like we said, you deserve an office space that suits you. Don’t settle for less when you can go for the best. Add a few plants, decorate with some personal effects and get yourself a standing desk or ergonomic chair like the cherry on top.

While you ponder the beauty of your future office space, browse our range of ergonomically designed office furniture and see what catches your eye. Or get in touch with us and we’ll help guide you along the way.

Meta: Having a comfortable home office can enhance productivity and overall success. Here’s how.