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Is It Cost Effective To Work From Home?

04 January 2022

The cost savings for big companies can be significant when employees begin working from home. In some cases, remote working is estimated to save companies £10,000 per employee. But what are the cost implications for the individual?

Some people swear that working from home is more cost effective than going to the office every day. Other people declare the opposite. But who is right?

If you are thinking about working from home, you might be wondering how this affects your household bills. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one’ answer to this. It depends on your work and home locations, your job type and how many hours you normally put in. But here are some things to consider…

No canteen-lunch costs

As a remote worker, you can avoid that expensive staff canteen. You can opt for cheaper lunches which can be batch made and frozen to save money (and time). You will soon notice the pennies begin to stack up as you move away from dodgy canteen lasagne and expensive bottled water.

No morning starbucks cost

Have you ever been tempted to get a coffee on your commute? You are not alone. If you are tired, cold and need a hug in a mug, your local coffee outlet is bound to summon you. Coffee from large outlets like Starbucks can cost a small fortune. You can expect to spend anywhere between £2 and £6 on each individual order of coffee alone. This begins to take its toll over time.

No commuting cost

The cost of commuting is immense, especially if you have far to go. Bus, train, tube and taxi costs are not cheap. Petrol is also rising in costs. If you live in London, the average person spends £122 per month on getting to work. Working from home eliminates this cost altogether.

No Childcare Costs

Parents spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, on monthly childcare bills depending on the number of children and the type of childcare they’re in. This can sometimes make it unrealistic for parents to return to work after having a child. Remote working can combat this issue by making it possible to parent your children and work at the same time. This doesn’t suit everyone, but can be a real help to those who can manage it.

Higher Energy Bills

While working from home eliminates the commuting cost, it does crank up your heating and electricity bill. Boiling the kettle a few extra times per day, keeping lights on all day and watching the TV in the background while you work can add costs to your monthly bill. You will soon notice a slight increase in your bills if you don’t keep yourself in check. During the winter months, you will want to keep warm in your house during the day. Your regular office provides you with free heating as you work - but that’s not the case at home. You will have to fund this yourself - and heating isn’t cheap!

Higher Internet Bills (if you’re not careful)

If your internet has a cap that only allows you to download X amount per month, you might run into some trouble. Overstepping data allowances can make your internet bill soar. However, there is a way around this. Make sure that you speak to your internet supplier before converting to a home office and they will advise you on the best deals.

Higher phone bill

You can no longer rely on your office phone to make calls and will likely need to use your mobile. A good employer will reimburse your call costs, but if your employer isn’t offering this, you’ll need to front the bill yourself. If you have a phone contract with free calls, this won’t affect you. But if not, this is something you will need to consider.

Office Supplies

Your home office will need supplies. Any good employer will help you to pay for these. But if you have been told to pay for it yourself - or want to do it voluntarily - it’s good to think of this as a long term investment rather than a burdening cost. Ergonomic office furniture, for example, will help you to remain comfortable and healthy at home during your period of remote working. Something as simple as an ergonomic chair can reduce back pain, neck pain and posture issues. So, even if there is an upfront cost, you can be assured that it won’t be as costly as the chiropractor - someone you’ll inevitably have to see if you rely on your couch as an office chair.


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