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Is Bamboo Good For Desk Tops?

26 August 2022

Bamboo may appear softer than traditional wood but it's much harder than you think. 40% harder than oak with extreme flexibility, bamboo is an ideal material for any surface, especially desktops.

Bamboo is not a wood, it is grass, and it grows much faster than trees. and is one of the most sustainable natural materials in manufacturing.

Unbreakable Bamboo

Bamboo has somewhat of a soft reputation. Closely associated with adorable Pandas, bamboo is often considered a softer material that is suitable for baskets and fabrics.

While it is a great material for hand-weaving, bamboo is actually incredibly strong. This is because of the environment in which it grows, and the natural make-up of the fibres that are made from cellulose microfibrils, an intertwined microfibre that gives the wood additional strength despite its light weight.

Its tubular structure means that it can support more weight per square inch than wood. In the Philippines, bamboo has been used as scaffolding for centuries, and the locals have no need to adopt metal materials to support building work.

Best Uses for Bamboo

Bamboo is used a lot in construction, and the possibilities of working with bamboo are almost endless. It is often used to construct furniture, roofs, flooring and more. It can also be used a biofuel, and it is a food source.

Other popular uses for Bamboo are:

● Fabric

● Cloth

● Charcoal

● Fertilizer for soil

● Pulp

● Crafting and ornaments

Bamboo is one of our favourite materials to work with here at Flexispot. We offer our customers high-quality bamboo desktops that are not only strong but also beautiful.

Benefits of a Bamboo Desk

Bamboo desk and work tops are increasing in popularity. Why? Because people are beginning to understand just how durable and flexible bamboo is, and not to mention that it is also aethetically pleasing!

Bamboo is incredibly eco-friendly. Because it is a grass rather than wood, it grows much faster than trees, up to 35 inches per day! That means that bamboo forests can be replenished much faster than other forest types, making it the most sustainable and environmentally friendly form of materials farming.


Bamboo is one of the most lightweight building materials. It is easy to assemble and transport your bamboo desktop so you can adjust your office to any space. And just because it is lightweight does not mean that it is flimsy. Bamboo is much stronger than many kinds of wood, and dense too.


Worrying about accidental spills is a thing of the past when it comes to bamboo. It is easy to maintain because bamboo is naturally waterproof, so it is safe to clean away any messes with a damp cloth.

Swell Resistant

Because of its waterproof features, bamboo does not absorb water and swell. That makes it the perfect material for working outside. Humidity and other atmospheric changes will not affect your bamboo desk. It is also resistant to hot climates and dry air.


For the environmentally conscience, bamboo is the way to go. Because of its fast growth cycles, nature can easily restock reserves of bamboo to keep up with demand. Bamboo farming also supports the urbanisation and modernization of underdeveloped countries. Bamboo grows in tropical climates and is managed by local communities.

Purchasing bamboo from them helps their economies to flourish and is lifting many families out of poverty.

Overall bamboo is perfectly designed to withstand daily wear and tear. You will replace a bamboo desk less frequently than a wooden one, it has a tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch compared to 23,000 per square inch for wood. This is because of the fibre and the ‘knuckles’ of the bamboo that grow consistently along the whole length of the stem, giving the grass additional strength while maintaining flexibility.

Investing in a bamboo desk, or other bamboo-based furniture means that you will get more use out of the item in comparison to other materials. The look and smooth finish of bamboo is very appealing and go well with a myriad of colours and office designs. This is because it is made from a fine grain, and it can be customized with different finishes and varnish. You can cover bamboo in scratch-proof solutions without compromising the look of the piece, and due to its waterproof layer, cleaning bamboo is a freeze.

Furniture made from bamboo is more resilient and good for the environment and for developing communities. It takes the pressure off of wood forests, helping to slow the pace of deforestation.

There really are no downsides to buying bamboo furniture of any kind. Thankfully manufacturers have caught on to this wonder material and more and more bamboo furniture and other items are being manufactured and sold every day.