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How to be Eco-Friendly and More Productive

13 May 2022

There are many aspects to our lives that are important to us and that we want to improve. As we move towards living more sustainably, being eco-friendly in your day to day life is becoming more and more commonplace. But in focusing on living more sustainably, you might think that other parts of your life would suffer, with more thought being taken into the everyday decisions and purchases you make.

But what if there was a way to live sustainably and not only continue being as productive as before, but actually boost your productivity as a result? It’s the perfect situation, right? It’s not just a dream, it can be your reality. Let’s take a look at how we can be eco-friendly while also being more productive.

Making the Sustainability Change

The first step to being eco-friendly is to understand how every little thing in your home or your life affects your carbon footprint. This is not just limited to driving a car, because along the way to coming under your possession there is a process to how things are made. Take a bottle of water, for example. To you, you go into the shop and buy it, but how did it get there? On a truck carrying loads of other bottles of water. And how were the bottles made? In a factory which has a lot of carbon dioxide emissions. All of those emissions, from the factory and the truck, is the carbon footprint of that little bottle of water you got for £1. And this process goes for all objects you own.

It’s clear to see, then, that this simply can’t continue. Waste plastic is a major example of why sustainability is needed for us to move forward. This and the staggering amount of household emissions that we’re not even conscious of. So by making informed eco-friendly choices, you can make your difference in making our world more sustainable. This can be as small as using biodegradable pens, typing on a phone or computer instead of using a notebook, or using eco-friendly cleaning products. Simply by being aware of how everything you use affects your sustainability is making a difference.

Increasing Productivity and Sustainability

This might seem like a lot to focus on, and to be fair it is a bigger change than most people expect it to be, as it literally affects both your day to day life and all your possessions. But don’t let this fool you into thinking you won’t have time for anything else. Aspects of the sustainability lifestyle can actually improve your focus while also boosting your mental health. This has a positive effect on your productivity from both a morale and a fatigue standpoint.

When you’re actually working, you might find that you’re struggling to focus due to a pain in your back or hips or shoulders or wherever else a basic office chair hurts you. We’ve all experienced that kind of aching before, and both your physical and mental health is affected as a result, while also decreasing your productivity. When you’re working, comfort is a must, but you also need something that’s going to last, and won’t need replacing. There are two major solutions to this issue, and they are both ones we can help you with.

Your health is important and we are glad to tell you that a standing desk can help enhance your wellbeing - both physically and mentally. It has been scientifically proven that the use of Standing Desks and Ergonomic Chairs has long term health benefits regarding cardiovascular health, stress levels, minor aches and pains and heart disease. This reduces your risk of developing chronic problems or needing time off work due to health complaints. In addition to this, they are active and sustainable ways to work from home. You very rarely need to replace them due to the high quality way in which they are made, which helps you be more environmentally friendly and kinder to the planet.

So how can we help?

How Flexispot Can Help

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