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How to Reduce Stress but Work More Productively

10 Jun. 2022

There’s a lot involved in typical work life, and productivity and stress are two major aspects of that. It’s not out of the realms of possibility to suggest that everyone who has worked in a professional environment has been under some amount of stress in their role. Be it from the work itself, issues with your colleagues or maybe a personal struggle that impacts your ability to continue working effectively, stress is always there to make us feel overwhelmed.

But what if there was a quick and clear change you could make that could positively affect not only your work but your life in general? Something all of us use every day but never really think about getting an improvement? Something that could not only reduce stress, improve a myriad of physical health issues and promote sustainability, but actually boost your productivity as well? Luckily, it’s something we do best.

The dangers of stress at work

We spend most of our lives in the workplace, and so, if work is making us stressed, we end up with a chronic problem. Chronic stress can cause other mental health problems like depression and anxiety, as well as physical complaints such as IBS, muscle pain, dizziness, fatigue and insomnia. Chronic stress can also lead to absence from work and minimized productivity.

Combatting stress is critical if you want to lead a happy healthy life and have a fulfilling career too. Here are some simple ways you can integrate our products into your work environment and reduce stress without compromising on any other activities. Got questions? Feel free to talk to us about any of the below products, or any other products that you might be interested in our website.

Ergonomic Chair

It’s not easy to work with pain in your back. We all know that back pain is a physical discomfort that zaps away our energy and drive, and we’ve all experienced how difficult it is to focus on something while we’re in pain. Strangely enough, both back and neck pain have become normal in the world of office work, especially given that office workers spend 75% of their life sitting down. It’s become a sort of rite of passage in the world of work. But why has it become normal? Why do we have to work with this pain? Well it’s not your fault, but instead the fault of your chair.

You may have already heard of ergonomic chairs before, and the almost never ending health benefits that come with them, but what you might not be aware of is the impact they can have on relieving stress. It really comes as a whole package, with the multitude of physical health benefits coming together and actually having a positive effect on your mental health. And you’d be in awe of the effect the lack of back pain can have on your productivity.

All in all, more comfort while working means an improvement in focus and, therefore, productivity. Increased productivity means you’re completing more work at a higher quality which makes you feel more fulfilled in your job and, subsequently, your life. Feeling more fulfilled in your life means less stress. It’s a domino effect all coming from the use of a chair that has been specifically designed to be worked in. Sounds like the right thing for the job, no?

Standing Desks

Another feasible option is the height adjustable desk. A bit more of a quirky option but one that is becoming progressively more popular, especially in the working from home crowd. Standing Desks allow a lot of health benefits to shine when otherwise they wouldn’t.

Blood flow is increased leading to better cardiovascular health and lower risk of heart disease. Being more active is something that works well against stress (as evidenced by the power of a good walk) and simply by standing while working, you’re automatically becoming more active. Also by being more active, it’s a pretty decent way of staying fit and actually losing weight.

So here are two options that have been successful in boosting productivity while maintaining both physical and mental health. But how else can we help you?

How We Can Help

With these fantastic ergonomic products, you’ll have reduced stress, enhanced productivity and even a cool new workspace for you to thrive in, so why not look around our online store and see how else we can make your dreams a reality. We have many more products we’d like to show you, so head over to our website to view the full range, including accessories and office decor.

Or if you want to learn more about our products and how they can help you reach your professional goals, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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