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How to Properly Maintain Your FlexiSpot Height-Adjustable Desk

22 July 2022

Desk jobs can be particularly hard on the body, especially the back and neck as it is not natural for the human body to be majorly sedentary throughout the day. The best solution to avoid this is to get a height-adjustable desk. Standing desks also come with many benefits, but height-adjustable desks offer the best of both worlds.

Setting up and maintaining your dream workspace is important to create a happy work environment for yourself. A little time and effort go a long way to keep your FlexiSpot height adjustable desk in tip-top shape.

Overall, our desks at FlexiSpot are pretty low maintenance and do not require a lot to stay in great shape. However, you still want to know how to care for it after daily wear and tear. Below, you can read just how to do that.

1. Prevention Comes First

Preventing future problems is much easier than trying to fix them later on. There are many small things you can do to maintain the health of your FlexiSpot desk and promote its longevity. While keeping your workplace organized is essential, there are other things you can do to keep your desk in great condition.

A simple step is to always use coasters for any drink or liquid you set on your desk. Put cups and mugs on coasters and bowls on placemats, whether it's a hot or cold beverage or liquid.

Heat can destroy the desk’s sealant, which is especially problematic for laminate topped desks. If you don’t use a coaster or placement, the heat can cause small pockets of air to form underneath the top layer causing bubbles. The same thing can happen with cold beverages, as well, so it's important to always use coasters and placemats.

Ensure that no puddles sit on your desktop if a liquid does spill on your desk. Quickly clean up any accidental spills to avoid any damage. Liquid can seep into the desk and destroy it, and the longer it sits there, the worse it will get.

Remove any spill promptly by lightly dabbing a paper towel or sponge onto the mess. Try not to rub at the spill, but instead, let the tissue do all of the work and absorb the liquid. Rubbing helps the liquid to seep further into the table, and you want to avoid that as much as possible.

Use a mousepad underneath your mouse to further protect your desk. Not only does a mousepad make it easier to use your mouse, but it prevents your computer mouse from lightly scratching up your desk during use.

Be careful how you write when taking notes on your desk. Using heavy pressure while writing can cause dents and scratches on the surface of your desk. Ink can also transfer between the page you are writing on and the desktop, especially if you are using a marker.

Ink can easily stain the desk’s surface and be hard to clean off. To avoid small scratches, dents, and stains while writing, use a clipboard or notepad to act as a barrier between your pen and your desk.

Lastly, never sit on your FlexiSpot desk. While most height adjustable desks will have a maximum weight capacity, they are not for sitting on. You can seriously injure yourself and your desk by using it as a chair.

2. Use Proper Cleaning Methods

Now that you know how to prevent damage to your desk, you will want to know how to properly clean it. Different desktop materials will require different cleaning methods.

Chipboard and bamboo desktops can generally be treated the same way. Ensure you regularly wipe off any dust from your desktop with a microfiber rag.

If you spill coffee or another non-water beverage, use a sponge dipped in warm soapy water and gently rub the surface to remove the liquid. Then dab any excess off with a paper towel to ensure as little liquid as possible seeps into the desk.

Never use ammonia or other harsh chemical-based cleaners on your desk, as these can peel off the paint or sealant. If a stain is particularly stubborn, gently scrub it with soapy water multiple times.

Allow your desktop to fully dry, as any excess moisture can potentially ruin the surface. Mould thrives in a wet environment.

3. Take Care of the Motor

If you have an electric FlexiSpot height adjustable desk, it is important to maintain the motor to keep it running smoothly. Never overburden the desk. The maximum weight capacity is a guide, and going overboard can cause a lot of strain on your motor.

Try not to interrupt your desk when it is in motion. Intentionally stopping the desk when it is in mid-motion can compromise the motor’s integrity, so only do this in emergencies.

Definitely ensure that there are no liquids on the motor ever. If an accident does happen, clean it up as soon as possible. Avoid any liquids spilling onto the motor by making sure to remove cups and bowls when the desk is in motion.


Maintaining your FlexiSpot height-adjustable desk will allow you to make use of the desk for many more years in the future. Aside from that, keeping your desk nice and clean will also result in increased productivity, focus, and overall happiness when at your desk.

Your height adjustable desk is an investment and should be treated as such, so be sure to take care of it. Appropriate maintenance will prolong the life of your desk and ensure it stays working and looking great.

Taking care of your desk doesn’t have to be hard. You only need to keep it clean and remember to take care of the motor to ensure that it lasts for a very long time.