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How to Motivate Yourself With Small Wins When You Work From Home

12 June 2020

Adjusting to the remote work setup can be grueling for some. The article penned by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, cites that majority of women are now doing double double shift” as they balance work with parenting, taking care of parents, and overseeing the majority of domestic work. If you are in the same situation, daily life can rob you of happiness.

But a change in perspective can make the difference. Addressing your small wins can boost your energy and mood, thereby affecting your productivity level at work. This is also an extra step to ensure that your mental wellbeing is protected amid the pandemic hubbub.

Your minor milestones are important

According to Harvard Business Review, finding purpose and meaning in your work is significant to boost motivation. But in the grand scheme of things, small consistent steps can accumulate into excellent execution.  Addressing small victories will enable you to make progress as you adjust to your situation.

Some ways to celebrate small wins during remote work:

  1. Take it one day at a time – Your schedule might be busier now that the line between home and work gets blurry.  Take, for example, your Zoom meeting schedule. Keeping the communication line is important but virtual meetings can be a drag sometimes particularly if your manager is a micromanager. After a long call, reward yourself and reflect on your accomplishments for the day.
  2. Reach out to a colleague – Remote work can be lonesome. The limited interaction can be draining more so for extroverted individuals who thrive on being with people. But you can call a friend or join a community instead. While it is still not the same as when you see and touch people personally, it still encourages a sense of belongingness. This can be your small win as you inch your way to the new normal of socializing.
  3. Creating a routine – Now that you are working from home, getting back on course with your routine might be a little difficult. Do not push yourself too hard. The truth is, things might not be the same anymore. It is a hard pill to swallow. Instead of moping around, you can start anew so you can find your footing. Something as simple as getting dressed up or eating breakfast can help you in this area.
  4. Finally investing in the right tools for your office – Working from home can be a little upsetting if you do not have the right equipment at home. For example, your laptop might not be as fast as the one you use in your office. Or you do not have ergonomic furniture in your home office. If you cant take the body strains anymore but have a limited budget, you can start with the most basic ergonomic furniture: The height adjustable standing desk converter.

This product will allow you to transition from sitting to standing, which can mitigate the harmful effects of the sedentary lifestyle. Buying an ergonomic piece of furniture is a small win when it comes to gaining control of your health.

Small wins for big results

Recognizing your small successes will lead to a richer and more productive life. Do not underestimate the progress you have made. Go slow and steady so you do not exhaust yourself. You will eventually see yourself owning the day like the champion that you are.