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How to Impress Your Coworkers While Working From Home

27 May 2022

There are so many fantastic perks to working from home. You no longer have a long commute to the office, you can relax in your own environment, not feel micromanaged and certainly don’t have to listen to Linda’s endless stories about her holiday. Technology has now enabled us to work from home with the same productivity as in the workplace (if not more) and it’s something that more and more people are opting to do.

But despite the extensive amount of benefits that come with working from home, there are some perceived drawbacks in terms of communication with the wider team. And it’s for good reason; it can be difficult to manage morale and improve team working when people aren’t physically next to one another. But there are certainly ways to keep up the workplace camaraderie online, with everyone settled in their tailored and individual workspace. So let’s take a look at how to impress your coworkers while working from home.


Kindness is a fundamental aspect of leadership and teamwork. Without being kind to them, how can your coworkers get behind your thoughts, ideas or advice? You’re all on the same team, after all, and by utilising a kind attitude throughout your working interactions, you’re sure to become more successful.

The inherently positive nature of being kind, and the adoption of this in your day to day processes, is sure to boost working morale throughout the team and in your own productivity. Let’s face it, it’s super difficult to work effectively when we don’t feel up to it, and something as simple as kindness is sure to have a major effect on your personal working routine. This is especially prevalent in remote working, where loneliness and social isolation can be problematic.

How can we show kindness in ways that will impress our online coworkers? Well given the majority of office work being done in the online space, there are quite a few different ways to do this. Show appreciation to your peers when they do something good, but not in a simple email or Whatsapp message, try sending a virtual e-card instead. They are free and they are literally designed to show appreciation. With kindness, soon an online conversation behind a standing desk will be just as good as standing next to each other in person.


Confident people tend to attract more admiration, friends and successes. When you feel confident at work, it shines through the work you produce. You’ll be appreciated more by your boss, have better and more constructive meetings, and strengthen bonds with colleagues. Being confident when working from home is arguably easier than when you are in the office because you are surrounded by your own belongings and this takes a lot of performance pressure off.


Now that the team bonding aspect of remote working has been covered, let’s talk about what you can do specifically in a professional working sense. Consistency is the number one trait any worker can have, be it in a shared office or remotely. Working consistently and producing high level volumes of work is how you gain the respect of and impress not only your peers, but your bosses too.

When working from home, however, it’s more difficult for your coworkers to actually notice this. This is why it’s important to maintain consistency throughout your working hours, always be on time to work and meetings and make sure you’re consistent throughout video calls, in terms of presentation. This is a professional space, after all.

When interacting or running online video calls or conferences, people will be looking at you whether you’re speaking or not, and due to the online nature of these meetings, you won’t know when someone will be looking at you. It’s nothing to worry about, we all do it: looking at everyone’s individual webcams even if the focus isn’t on them. But it’s important to keep up appearances at all times, with a professional look and good posture to match.

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