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How to Get Back on Work Mode (post-pandemic)

09 May 2022

Since the pandemic had come around we had experienced some major shifts in our life which lead to challenges in our work lifestyle too, for instance adopting not-so-usual work-from-home conditions. However, as COVID-19 restrictions finally ease down a bit, companies are back with the ‘job on site’ policy. This means almost after a whole year of staying home, it’s finally time for you to head back to the office and pick up where you left from.

Returning to the office isn’t all fun and games. The plus side is you get to finally be social again and interact with your coworkers while the downside about having to see your boss more often remains. But, a serious concern arises with the thought of leaving the safety of your home to work on-site, being surrounded by people, and in an environment that could potentially be carrying the virus.

However, there are a few methods you can implement to get your head back in the game.

Get in the right state of mind

You must know that if you are feeling even the slightest bit of anxiety about going back to work and interacting with people, know that you are not alone. We have grown used to the fact that we believe our homes to be the safest, virus-free area on earth.

 On top of that, we have even forgotten how to get back and engage with people and have a quick everyday chitchat. The stress level can be real, therefore you must address any mental health issues before returning to the office. We suggest that you practice being in certain situations that involve people, imagine yourself back in your usual work lifestyle as visualizing can really help ease down your anxiety, and above all try speaking to a trusted colleague or a professional to help you go through this phase.  

Maintain a decent sleep schedule

The fact that employees did not have to travel to their workplace and get dressed formally, made it a lot easier to snooze for a longer period of time till you were to begin your work from home. Not to mention, having to deal with your family life may have extended your working hours into the night. While staying up for whatsoever reasons during the pandemic was considered normal, it is important that you work on establishing a healthy sleep cycle before getting back to work.

Try to maintain at least 7-9 hours of sleep to ensure you stay fresh, energetic, and productive.

Spruce up your workspace

Considering that your office may have been vacant for several days or weeks, it’s time it may require a makeover or a quick tidy-up to refresh the area. Spend some time cleaning up your office space the way you want it to be. Try adding some fresh flowers and organizing your supplies to reduce your cortisol (stress) hormone level. Adding greenery to an area is a great way to increase productivity and alleviate tensions.  

Get a new wardrobe

The rule is simple in most cases, you look good, you feel good. Now’s the time to finally throw away that coffee-stained shirt, because in the back of your head you know you stand a little taller and feel more positive when you are wearing a smart, crisp, and sharp outfit.

Buy a new outfit or a couple of them to refresh your wardrobe, so you can mix and match between pieces that suit your style.

Seize the opportunity to learn from your mistakes

A year in quarantine is a long time, if you’ve forgotten everything that’s okay there is always time for you to pick up the pace and start all over again even if you can’t pick up from where you last left from. However, as you do so, remember to not repeat the same mistakes all over again. Be wary of the accidents you have made in the past whether it may be work-related or trusting the wrong co-worker with something, remember that some things will never change.

Accept the mistakes you will make

You are human and you are bound to be making mistakes, especially when you will be adjusting to a back-to-working on-premise lifestyle after spending what felt like a decade at home. If you mess up, it is okay to start again and correct yourself.

We strongly recommend that in order to maintain COVID restrictions you speak to concerned authorities at your office to ensure precautionary measures are being considered and implemented in full swing. This will mitigate the spread of the virus and will also help ensure a healthy, working environment.