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How to Create the Most Comfortable Bed

24 June 2022

Having a comfortable bed is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, that can be easier said than done. Many of us spend our nights tossing and turning, unable to get comfy and feeling either too hot or too cold.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

With the help of our expertly-curated tips, we’ve established how you can set up your bed to have the comfiest sleep of your life, and read, meditate, or relax in your bed without damaging your posture.

Read on to find out more.

Select the Right Base

The perfect bed starts with the perfect bed base. Flexispot offers a revolutionary adjustable bed base that instantly solves your sleeping woes.

Adjustable beds come with a ton of benefits, including improved posture, reduced back pain, and a reduced chance of snoring or sleep apnea. The adjustable headboard means you can have your head inclined at the perfect angle for you.

If you enjoy reading in bed before going to sleep, an adjustable bed will prop you up at the ideal angle, so no more sore necks from straining while reading. Adjustable bed bases are also an excellent choice for those with mobility issues, as they allow you to sit upright and lie down easily at the touch of a button.  

Choose the Perfect Mattress

Choosing the right mattress for you is a key ingredient in getting the perfect night’s sleep. Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, from memory foam to extra firm.

Memory foam mattresses tend to be best at motion isolation, making them ideal for couples who sleep side to side and are prone to tossing and turning while asleep. Firm mattresses are recommended for people with back pain, as they support your spine.

Layer it Up

Many people struggle with temperature regulation while they sleep, finding themselves fluctuating between being too hot and too cold without finding a happy medium.

If you’re using a thick duvet and feeling too hot, the alternative is using no duvet, which could be too cold. Instead, opt for a thinner duvet and layers in the form of blankets and throws. That way, you can build up or remove layers to find the perfect temperature for you.

Opt for Plenty of Pillows

A sleeper can only be as comfortable as their head! While you can support your head and neck using an adjustable bed, it can also be helped by having the correct number of pillows.

Make sure you have a range of pillows on hand so that if you find yourself with your head raised too high or not raised enough, you can simply increase or decrease the number of pillows with ease.

Correctly Position Your Bed

If you have space in your room to vary the position of your bed, bear in mind factors around the room that could affect your sleep before deciding where to have it.

If you’re sensitive to noise from outside, you may want to place your bed slightly further away from the window to avoid the risk of nighttime noise pollution. If your room has a sloped ceiling, avoid placing your bed underneath the lowest point, as you risk hurting yourself if you sit up.

Whatever the layout of your room, think carefully about your ideal sleeping conditions before deciding where to position your bed.

Use Linen Sheets

Linen fabric has unique bacteria-resistant qualities, plus it’s super comfortable and breathable, making it perfect for those who tend to overheat at night. If you struggle with allergies, hypoallergenic linen sheets could reduce your symptoms, leading to a better night’s sleep with less nasal irritation.

Try a Silk Pillow

Silk pillows come with a whole host of benefits. As well as being unparalleled in comfort, silk pillows can improve skin and hair.

This innovative material is smoother than other fabrics, so it reduces the chance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the chance of frizzy hair caused by friction on the pillow.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to rest your head, look no further than a silk pillow.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways you can improve your sleep, but having a comfortable bed is non-negotiable. Adjustable beds allow you to sleep with your head inclined at your preferred angle, while comfy mattresses can relieve pressure on your back, leading to better sleep and less back pain the following day.

Silk pillows and linen sheets provide a breathable, smooth fabric base for your head and body, and pillows and layers allow you to reach your desired temperature and head height with minimal effort.

If you decide to create your perfect bed, bear in mind your preferred sleeping conditions to create a sleeping set-up that works for you.