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How To Keep Your Office Desk Clean?

30 August 2022

If you have been having a hard time getting your work done on time, take a look at your office desk. Is your office desk full of clutter and pending work? If yes, your desk is the reason for your inability to focus on your work. Besides looking unpleasant and unprofessional, having a cluttered desk with full of pending tasks can put you in depression and make it harder for you to focus on important things that need your attention at a certain time. Undoubtedly, starting down a giant mess and taking care of it can seem impossible, but this guide will provide you with a few effective tips that will help you keep your office desk clean.

1. Prioritise your work

You might be good at multitasking, but it is not always easy on your cognitive skills. Moreover, doing everything at one time while sitting at your desk will never leave your desk clean and organised. So, instead of trying to put your hand on multiple things and failing over and over, focus on one thing at a time. paying attention to a single thing at a time will help you focus more and complete the work on time. To keep your desk cluttered free the whole day, prioritise your work and move the other documents away from your desk. By doing this, you will never be leaving your office with pending work on your desk.

2. Use an organiser

Working on multiple tasks can make your desk look disorganised and cluttered. If you have a pile of work to do, then instead of spreading it all over your desk, utilise a two-tray system on your desk. On one tray, keep the work that needs to be done, and keep the finished task on the other one. Keep the papers stapled and sorted by date or time. You can also use your table drawers for keeping the work that needs to be addressed or filed.

3. Complete your task on time

Most people have the habit of delaying work. Doing this only makes your table look untidy and disorganised but also puts you under stress. The major rule for avoiding procrastination is that if your task can be done in less than 20 minutes, then finish it as soon as you can. By getting the project done as soon as possible, you will be both mentally and physically relaxed. Moreover, your desk will never be occupied with any pending work. The faster you complete your work, the sooner you will be free and mentally relaxed. So, avoid piling up the work so it won’t take up the space at your desk.

4. Keep it clean

To get the satisfaction of seeing a clean and organised table, you also have to clean the dust and, stains on your table. While working on your office desk, keep the microfibre cloth on hand, so you can clean your table once your task is finished. Clean the smudges from your gadgets and desktop and make your things look good as new. Do it every day at the end of your working hours, and you can drape it over your keyboard to prevent it from dust or stains.

5. Keep the wires tied

If you are working on more than one machine at a time, you know too well the pain of keeping the wires and cables organised and in place. No doubt these messy-looking wires make the whole desk look untidy and disorganised. To make the table look tidy, first, you have to pay attention to the setting of your machines, such as computer, scanner, printer, telephone etc. use a Velcro or a tape to bundle all the wires and hide them behind your computer. You can also use extra-long cord wraps to secure your wires to the corners or legs of your desk. Your desk without a dangling wire will look clean and organised. It will also give you peace of mind that all your things are in place.

6. Digitalize everything

Storing your important tasks and data on your computer can remove 80% of your clutter. Get rid of the notes and diaries and save all of your important information on your desktop. This method will not only make your desk free of distractions but also keep your important information safe for as long as you want.

Final words

Working in an office and dealing with a lot of work itself can be daunting sometimes. However, the clutter on your desk will only make the situation worse. So, if you are tired of the disorganised table, it's time to follow these tips and make your desk clean and tidy.