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How To Design a Boutique Bedroom on A Budget

15 August 2022

Invite the look and feel of a top-tier boutique hotel into your bedroom at minimum cost! Boutique-chic is the most elegant (and cheapest!) way to spruce up any retired bedroom design.

Boutique is a great way to decorate any room but it always works best in the bedroom and is forgiving on your bank balance.

Take to The Charity Shops!

First things first, when recreating boutique for cheap - charity shops are your new best friend. If you are looking for unusual and bespoke items for your boutique bedroom but have to stay within budget, charity shops are your one-stop shop for everything ornamental.

The great thing about the boutique look is that the older it looks the better - charity shops have amazing and rare finds that are most probably genuine to bohemian and art-deco eras.

They are also a great source of inspiration. If you are struggling to visualize your boutique look, then visit a range of charity shops and pick up a few items you like the look of. Decorating your room based on one item may sound a little back to front, but a great show-stopping piece is a good way of focusing your design choices for the rest of the room.

Luxury Comes in Layers

Layers are key to an authentic boutique look. Boutique-chic is about throws, cushions, rugs, drapes, and anything that maximises comfort and relaxation.  

Now it doesn't mean you should buy whatever you find first and throw the items around the room - boutique is all about placement - and a great way to hide or disguise old and battered furniture.

Got an armchair that looks great but has a few stains and scratches? A well-placed throw will cover all manner of sins, and if you choose your colours wisely they can harmonize even the most mismatched furniture.

Keep old pillows and cushions and just buy coverings that match the throws, or better yet, buy a collection of cases in different colours and textures to add depth to your design - just try to stick to the same colour palette to balance the room.

Have you got any white or cream drapes lying around? Whether you decide to hang them in the windows or re-fashion them into a table covering - they go with everything!

Mirrors Are Amazing

No matter the size, big or small, a few mirrors dotted around the room will really brighten up the space, especially if the room is already dark or does not have much natural light.

In fact dark and dimly lit rooms are ideal for boutique looks and for a better night's sleep. Create a real boutique ambience by keeping your lights low but equally balanced with a few reflecting mirrors. The idea is to create a light and dreamy atmosphere that will help you to relax and lull you to sleep.

The good news is that any mirror will do, and old mirrors are actually preferred. Look out from plain dark wood framed mirror, or golden art-deco mirrors with unusual edges. Mirrors like these can be store-bought, however, plenty end up in charity shops and car boot sales at a fraction of a store price.

Let your Bed Take Centre Stage

Getting the look of your bed just right is central to the boutique look. Thebed is the primary function of the room, and where the eye will focus.

We do not recommend buying a second-hand mattress, you should always buy the best that you can afford. This is because we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, and getting a great night's sleep in a mattress that is just right for you should be the priority of any bedroom design.

But that doesn't mean you can’t decorate with a custom headboard and bed base that can be easily painted and upcycled to match your colours of choice.

Depending on your headboard size a painting, or shelves above the bed is a good way to draw the eye upwards, creating more space.

Decorating your bedroom on a budget needn’t be a headache. The boutique look is great because there is so much room for individual style. It is a flexible design choice that allows you to incorporate the colour schemes and elements that you want regardless of your budget.

Unlike other styles, boutique is a welcome home for old and unused items that are collecting dust elsewhere. Whether old ornaments just need a quick dust down and polish, or require a full upcycle - there is always space for them in boutique fashion as it is such an eclectic and interpretive style.

Simple changes to furniture you already have, and a couple of throws dotted about can transform your bedroom space. Bring in the warmth, comfort and familiarity of boutique to enhance relaxation in your room.