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How To Decorate Your Home Office - According to your Zodiac

25 Aug. 2022

Your home office space should be as personal to you as your bedroom. Even if you share your home office with other members of your family, giving your workspace a personal touch makes it more inviting and comfortable to work in and nothing is more personal to you than your zodiac sign!

Whether or not you believe in the mystical teachings of the Zodiac, in lies creative ideas to compliment your aesthetic and give your office a spiritual feel. Check out these design ideas inspired by your personality!


Fires is a feisty fire sign that is known for passion, boldness and bravery. Ruled by Mars, Aries are born to win. Their office spaces should be inspirational and passionate and incorporate deep red tones with lots of open space.

Aries works best when able to move around. Your office should have exercise balls, or Flexi-stools to keep energy high.


Another fire sign, Taurus is a creature of comfort that is attracted to warmth and stability. It is important that Taurus feels grounded throughout their workday, so try to invite nature into your office as much as possible.

This is easily achieved with a few houseplants (not the plastic variety!) and since Taurus is ruled by Venus, candles and diffusers that invigorate the senses helps to keep Taurus alert and focused throughout the day.


Gemini is one of the more outgoing of the Zodiacs. Their child-like curiosity is endearing and should be nurtured within the office. Gemini loves to play, they love colour and wonder and work best in bright spaces with lots of strong and bold colours to keep them motivated and alert.

Gemini is a sign of two halves and both should feel comfortable in the office. As an Air sign, both of their personalities can be appeased with bright ornaments offset by smooth white walls that promote space and positive energy.


Cancer is deeply sensitive and loves nothing more than being close to heart and home. A mutable water sign, Cancer is down to earth and motivated by the love of family and friends, and nothing delights them more than photos of those they love scattered about the room.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is very empathetic to others and works best with open office plans where they can reach others easily. They resonate with light greys and silver shades that reflect light and add a touch of sparkle.


Leo the Lion is the King of the Zodiac with a fiery personality to match. Leos have big and inviting personalities, they are regal and bold and their office should bring out these shining characteristics.

Leo loves light. They balance well with warm tones like gold, deep browns, yellows, reds and oranges. Ruled by the Sun, Leos burn hot and bright, but to prevent Leo from burning out, introduce wood tones for grounding.


They say the devil is in the details, but it's Virgo! The home office is the natural habitat of the Virgo, which thrives in organised and productive spaces.

Virgo, invest in a lot of storage. Install shelves, bookcases and filing cabinets that keep the room clutter free and promote learning and self-improvement.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury and resonate with the earth. Virgo thrives in grounded spaces, with lots of greens, mustard yellows, purples and wood tones.


Libras' goal in life is to achieve balance, and they work best when their home office is in keeping with the rest of the house. Libras seek out harmony, so object type and placement are key.

Ruled by Venus, it is important to Libra that their workspace is aesthetically pleasing and balanced, so object placement is also important. They are drawn to beautiful objects of significance or that which have a personal attachment to them.

Libra will do well to introduce mirrors to their office space to reflect light evenly throughout the room.


Smooth and sensual, Scorpio loves dark and cosy colours that nurtural their analytical sixth sense. Scorpios are intensely private, so having an office space that is neatly tucked away from the rest of the house is ideal.

As a water sign, Scorpio feels very deeply. They like closed and contained spaces that restrict the number of people passing through and enjoy soft, plush materials, Scorpio I will do well to invest in velvet or silk throws and curtains to make them feel comfortable and secure in their workspace.


The free spirit of the Zodiac, Sagittarius should design their office with a quick escape route in mind! Sags' biggest fear is the feeling of being trapped, so small cramped spaces do not suit them very well and quickly lead to stress.

Sagittarius should have a large office with lots of open windows and large doors. They are incredibly bright and optimistic, so their desks should be positioned close to the windows to give their wandering minds a break from highly focused, repetitive and intense workloads that can burn them out quickly.


Capricorns are known for their self-discipline and restraint. They are very ambitious and their offices should promote productivity and focus.

Capricorns will spend more time in their home office than anywhere else in the house, given the chance, so it is important to balance productivity with comfort. Capricorn can do this by incorporating ergonomic furniture that supports their bodies during long working hours, with light pastel colours that are not too intense or distracting.


Aquarius is a true intellectual who pioneers new projects. Their office should promote creative and intellectual thinking in such as way that compliments their individualism.

Innovation and comfort are what spring to mind for Aquarius. Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius needs regular time-outs from practical work to develop their mental abilities. They are inspired by geometric patterns, and rooms that have a homely feel.

Aquarius works more efficiently when their space is separated, one side for project application and the other for theorising and strategy.


Last but certainly not least is cool and collected Pisces. With an untamed imagination and the wild spirit of the ocean, Pisces gets carried away on projects they love and are deeply connected to their instincts.

Pisces has a hard time staying grounded, so they should cover their wall spaces with calendars and boards where they can write down their best ideas and to-do lists. They work best among quiet and peaceful tones and have a love for blue, purple and silver.

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