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How To Choose Bed Frame- Complete Guide

24 Aug. 2022

A bed frame is made of wooden or metal to support your mattress and keep it in place. Without a proper bed frame, a mattress can lose its stability and support. For a good night’s rest, choosing the right bed frame for a mattress is important. If you have already begun searching the options, you will be glad to know that the available options are overwhelming. This guide will help you learn about the different types of bed frames and what you need to know before choosing a bed frame for your mattress.

Why Is A Bed Frame Important For Your Sleep?

We spend one-third of our day sleeping to work efficiently throughout the day. To stay active, energetic and fresh, it is important to invest enough in the right type of bed so we can get a better night's sleep. As an important element of sleep sanctuary, a bed frame can affect the quality of sleep. A right and suitable bed frame will not only look good but will give you the support and comfort you need to get proper rest during the night. If your bed frame is constantly giving you the following signs, then it's probably the time to replace your bed frame.

· Despite replacing your mattress, you are not getting enough support during sleep.

· You wake up before time feeling body aches.

· You had the best night’s sleep on a different bed.

· Your bed frame is broken or warped.

· The appearance of your bed is not what you want.

· You have bought a new mattress that doesn’t fit on your frame.

Sizes Of Bed Frames

Before you consider buying or replacing your bed frame with a new one, it is important to understand the different types of bed frames available on the market. The commonly available sizes are:

· Single bed frame: 90 x 190cm

· Small double bed frame: 120 x 190cm

· Double bed frame: 135 x 190cm

· Queen bed frame: 62 x 82 inches

· King bed frame: 150 x 200cm

· Super-king bed frame: 180 x 200cm

Types Of Bed Frames

Once after deciding on the size of the bed frame, you need to understand the different styles, so you can choose the best. The commonly used types include:

· Panel bed

· Platform bed

· Bunk bed

· Loft bed

· Sleigh bed

· Four-poster bed

· Adjustable bed storage bed

· Metal bed frame

· Wrought iron

· Wooden bed frame

· Upholstered bed frame

What To Consider Before Buying A Bed Frame

Choosing a bed frame for your mattress might seem an easy task, but ending up buying the wrong frame can lead to consequences, such as poor sleep quality, misplaced mattress and wastage of money. so, make sure to consider certain points before buying a bed frame. Here are a few tips that might help you.

1. Determine your budget

By setting your budget, you can easily narrow down the list of available options. Bed frames come with a huge price ranging to over £2000. Therefore, it is essential to determine how much you are willing to spend on a bed frame. Also, make sure what quality you are getting for the cost so you won’t end up buying expensive frames of low quality.

2. Understand the construction

The construction of the bed frame means how is the frame put together. Several variants require you to assemble it yourself. Make sure it is easy enough, or the company is offering free help for the construction.

3. Double-check the longevity

The material of the bed frame will tell you how durable and long-lasting it would be. For the sake of a long-lasting bed frame, it is best to find a sturdy material, such as solid wood or metal bed frame, rather than investing in plastic frames or wooden composites. The solid options will last longer without any wear and tear.

4. Headboard

When choosing a bed frame, it is also important to understand whether you need a headboard or not. A nice headboard will look great by creating a focal point and will provide you with extra support. However, it depends on what you prefer for your room. Some bed frames come with attached or detachable headboards.

5. Pick the height

The height of the bed frame is one of the important things to consider because it can take the style of your room interior to the next level. Choose a comfortable height which provides easier mobility. If you like the low-height beds, a platform bed would be an ideal option.

Final Words

Choosing the right bed frame for your mattress is an easier task if you know all the important factors to be considered. Hopefully, this guide will help you do your best.

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