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How To Choose A Standing Desk That Fits Your Space

05 September 2022

Standing desks can be great for your health, posture and productivity. But they can take up a lot of room.
The good news is that there are many sizes and styles available to suit any space or taste.
Even if you only have a small space, you don’t have to give up on your standing desk dreams. Cleverly designed standing desks can maximise the desktop space while fitting into little nooks and corners.
Whether you work from home or in a small office space, there are standing desks which will fit even the smallest and most awkward spaces.
Here’s a rundown of the best standing desks to fit tricky spaces and tips on how to choose one:

#1 The L-Shaped One

FlexiSpot’s L-Shaped Adjustable Desk E1L

This L-Shaped Adjustable Desk from FlexiSpot is great for maximising small or awkward spaces.

It is designed to fit perfectly into unused corners, while maintaining a surprisingly large amount of desktop space. This standing desk can easily fit your laptop or computer, other devices such as a printer and essential desktop stationery.

This standing desk provides a seamless transition to standing mode, even with the additional side panel, so you don’t need to worry about your morning coffee toppling over.

You can set up the L-Shaped desk to be either on the left- or right-hand side.

With its sleek, modern design and flexibility, the L-Shaped desk will suit any design tastes and any space.

The bottom line:

The L-Shaped desk is perfect for anyone wanting to maximise their desktop space without taking over the whole room.

Specification highlights:

● 71cm - 120cm adjustable height range

● 100kg load capacity (ideal for two computers)

● Worktop: chipboard

● Worktop shape: rectangular or curved

● Worktop colours: 7 colour options

● Worktop sizes: 160cm x 101cm x 58cm or 180cm x 121cm x 58cm

● Frame colours: black or white

● Standard keypad

● Warranty: 3 years

#2 The Curved One

FlexiSpot’s Single Motor EG1-L Standing Desk

The EG1-L standing desk is a great shape for many awkward spaces. It can be tucked discreetly in a corner or used as a showpiece in the centre of a room.

The double side panels help you to sit close to your keyboard, which can reduce tension in the shoulders and upper back.

There is plenty of desktop space to hold all your devices and items and have room to spread out your elbows.

Its elegant clean lines and simple design ensure it will suit any spaces and tastes.

The bottom line:

This standing desk offers large desktop space with space-saving design and is especially great for awkwardly-shaped spaces.

Specification highlights:

● 73cm - 123cm adjustable height range

● 70kg load capacity

● Worktop: chipboard

● Worktop colours: white

● Worktop sizes: one size (84.4 cm x 78 cm x 60 cm x 28.2 cm)

● Frame colours: white

● Basic keypad

● Warranty: 3 years

#3 The Tiny One

Height-Adjustable Overbed Table E26

The E26 Overbed Table offers the most flexibility of any of the height-adjustable desks.

It’s especially great for anyone who suffers from a shortage of space.

It can turn almost any small space into a productive workspace. It is especially great for small apartments, creating comfort zones in offices and turning your living room into a productive space.

This desk allows you to work from wherever you want. Read over your meeting notes in bed. Use your laptop while seated comfortably in your armchair. Proofread your presentation while pedalling on your stationary bike. The Overbed Table is as flexible as you need it to be.

With its wide height adjustability range, the Overbed Table can be used with almost any chair (or bed). And adjusting the desk to suit your personal needs can have great benefits for your posture and health.

The bottom line:

This adjustable side table is perfect for anyone who likes to change where they work regularly, turning your favourite armchair, sofa, bed or even your stationary bike into a functional workspace.

Specification highlights:

● 65cm -103cm adjustable height range

● 20kg load capacity (ideal for one computer)

● Worktop: chipboard

● Worktop colours: 7 colour options

● Worktop sizes: one size (70cm x 40cm x 1.6cm)

● Frame colours: black or white

● Basic keypad

● Warranty: 3 years

Top tips for choosing a standing desk for your space:

1. Pick your desk location and measure your space. Will your desk sit along the wall or in the centre of the room?

2. Think about which way you would like your desk to face. An L-shaped desk can be great for using corner spaces, but do you want to face the wall or look out the window as you work?

3. Look into load capacity. Will your new standing desk be able to hold everything you need?

4. Decide on your preferred colour and material options. Think about the space you have and what styles would work well there.

5. Check the warranty period and price point.

With a little research and creative thinking, you will find that there are standing desk options to suit all spaces. Even your tiny home office nook can now be kitted out with a functional and stylish standing desk.