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How Poor Nutrition Affects Your Performance

01 August 2022

It is not secret that inadequate and poor nutrition causes many negative health conditions. However recent studies suggests that poor nutrition can also be responsible for poor performance, and taking care of your nutition can have unexpected benefits for your career.

Poor nutrition and bad eating habits cause various problems such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney failure, many types of cancer, depression, and anxiety. Not to mentions preservatives and other chemicals that extend shelf life.

Although an unhealthy diet may taste great, it does not meet your daily energy needs. As a result you will more likely feel tired all day, or have moments of intense energy only to crash and burnout later in the day.

This, in turn, seriously affects performance. A nervous mood comprimises the ability to make healthy decisions and mistakes are made that could have been easily avoided. People with an unhealthy diet have lower than average creative ability, and there is a noticeable decrease in their overall job performance.

Healthy Diet and Productivity

Eating healthy means getting the nutrients your body needs in the right amount and at the right time.

You can start a healthier life by taking a balances of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and water, which are the basic needs of your body. Everyone is different and the nutritional needs of men and women differ, but overal the basic fundamentals are the same.

In addition, a healthy diet also helps in the regeneration of cell structures in the brain, greatly contributing productive and creative persuits. What the body is, the mind is. Your brain is one of your organs, just like your stomach or liver, and a healthy diet is an important part of mental development.

According to the research, people who eat healthily have less depression and fewer bouts of mood disorders compared to people who eat unhealthily.

Those who eat healthily are exposed to less stress hormones. Decreased stress hormones leads to lower anxiety levels, less worry, fewer bouts of negative mood, and overall a better sense of calm, happiness and general wellbeing.

These changes that you see in yourself are not only limited to your body, but also to your social relations and work performance. Reaching your goals becomes a lot easier if you focus on  your nutrition first.

Foods That Decrease Your Productivity

Our brain uses 20% of our body's energy. You should consider this when researching healthy foods.

The brain is the command center of your body and you need to stay away from foods that are especially harmful to your brain.

The components in the foods you consume can either positively affect your body and mental health, causing you to have better focus and higher performance, or cause you to face situations such as concentration loss and decreased creativity.

Junk and packaged foods may have some nutritional value, but they are not as good as fresh foods and have harmful preservatives in them that can affect the body and brain in the long term.

In order to make healthy choices and increase your productivity, you should choose organic foods as much as possible and consume foods such as vegetables and fruits when in season for maximum freshness.

Unhealthy snacks are the brain's worst enemy. Even though fizzy drinks and sweets give you instant energy, they have an equally impactful low, which causes mood and energy crashes frequently throughout the day.

Since there is a high-calorie consumption in a fast-food diet, your digestive system will work harder than it has to, and the oxygen level going to your brain will decrease, causing you to feel more tired, sleepy, and exhausted during your work day.

Healthy Foods That Improve Your Productivity

A healthy diet is essential for increasing your productivity and performance at work.

Due to busy work schedules, most of us do not have breakfast at the start of the day, but a light breakfast with protein will provide you with the necessary energy to get the morning off to a good start.

Also, drinking warm lemon water in the morning will help your internal organs relax and start the day feeling good.

The best way to establish the link between healthy eating and work productivity is prioritze brain-boosting foods.

The foods you consume should be energy-giving, low-glycemic carbohydrates, and proteins. In addition, many vitamins that you can take as a supplement can help your mental strength  be more sustainable.

Vitamin D, b12, Folic Acid, and Omega 3 fish oils are known to be brain-friendly. You can purchase these at most supermarkets or pharmacies without seeing a doctor, but always take them as instructed on the label. Overdosing yourself with vitamins can be just as harmful as not taking any at all.

Greens and protein-rich meats are the basis of a healthy diet. In addition, poultry, milk, cheese, eggs, and walnuts are also very useful foods for the brain.

Eating healthy will make your life more meaningful as yu gain a sense of clarity, and help you become more productive, efficient, and focused on the tasks at hand. It costs nothing to give it a try and the results are life-changing for the better.