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How FlexiSpot Supports Your Path to a Healthier Tomorrow

11 May 2022

One common goal we all have is to live happy and healthier lives. At some point, we yearn to shed off some pounds or have a 360-degree lifestyle change so we do the necessary steps to make it happen. We want to gain balance among life, work, family, and all the things we do to support ourselves. The problem is all these sometimes sidetrack or stall our goals towards being healthy.

When we are absorbed at what we do, we begin to take our health for granted. They say that the biggest place we forget about our health is the workplace. We shift our focus to our work, which makes us forget about our health. We put our nose to the grindstone, work hard and strive to further our careers. We want to be able to give ourselves a better life, carrying along our family with us. We understand the value for money in terms of reaching our dreams, but it doesn’t mean that we should let our goals destroy our health.

forget to stand up

Because we are so focused at work, there is a tendency to forget to stand up, walk around, and maintain a healthy diet. We prioritize work over our health, and we feel less concerned about it.

You would notice that your health will deteriorate while you are working. But lucky are we that an answer has come in the form of ergonomic furniture. Standard desks and chairs tend to be the biggest catalyst in affecting our physical and mental health while we work. This presents itself as even truer because of the makeshift workspaces we had to create due to the current pandemic.

More than half of Americans are working from home or have a hybrid work set-up due to COVID-19. We had little to no time to think of maximizing our resources in order to have a workspace that is at the very least stable to help get our jobs done.

There are people who work from their kitchen counters, kitchen tables, or from their couches to make ends meet. They might be saving money at present and seems to be the most convenient way to work from home, but in reality, it has been adding more strain to their health.

 impact of sitting at a standard desk

Most people don’t realize the impact of sitting at a standard desk to their health. This is something that must be urgently addressed because the unhealthy effects add up the more we work for eight hours everyday. Sitting at a standard desk and in a non-ergonomic office chair will over time cause us to develop:

  • Poor blood pressure
  • Higher risk of obesity
  • Bad posture over long periods
  • Potential heart disease
  • A decrease in mental health
  • Loss of focus on work throughout the day
  • Unneeded pressure on hip joints and spine

Studies and testimonies prove the unhealthy effects of prolonged sitting using these types of office furniture. People have been noticing a decline in their mental well-being and focus, which is the nuclei of living a healthier lifestyle.

decline in their mental well-being

People still don’t have equal regard for mental health as what they have for their physical health. When the former deteriorates and affects one’s focus, it can also potentially affect you physically in a way that will cause more harm than good. Enter ergonomics and how it helps combat these negative effects in the workplace.

Per a 2020 article from, “Ergonomics is all about designing workplaces based on the limitations and physical abilities of workers. It also helps improve the efficiency of one’s work environment.

With more employees sitting longer at computers and other workstations, this is more important than ever to avoid chronic health issues.

Ultimately, adjusting office ergonomics is a way to keep your employees safe. If your workers don’t have safe, effective equipment to work with — like a comfortable chair or a back brace — it can lead to a hurting, less productive employee.

Poor posture, in particular, can cause a multitude of health issues as it puts extra stress on joints and muscles. This leads to overwork and fatigue, which can cause chronic pain. As a result, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) may pop up — like tendonitis or carpal tunnel. These disorders can impact muscles, blood vessels, nerves, ligaments, and tendons.

Luckily, these issues can be prevented with some adjustments to ergonomics in the workplace. By fitting employees to appropriate equipment, it can minimize poor posture and the health issues that follow.”


These are among the many reasons why FlexiSpot works the hardest to bring ergonomics to millions of people across the globe. Since its inception, FlexiSpot has been supporting health and self-improvement. The company wants its customers to love themselves, support themselves, and be healthier so that they can support their families for many more years down the road. The concern for poor health as we age takes dedication and care but more importantly a helpful resource. FlexiSpot provides that helpful resource in the amazing ergonomic products they come up with.

The support of FlexiSpot, or as they like to call it “Flexi-support “ is continuously providing people with the information they need as to why they need to switch to ergonomic office desks and chairs. They prove day after day to new and dedicated customers that ergonomics should be the true way to keep your work-life healthy.

FlexiSpot specifically designs its ergonomic office desks and chairs in a way that stands out among any of its competitors. The fact that they are so dedicated to helping change their customer's perspective on how to have a healthier lifestyle speaks volumes about them as a company.

A company that’s main focus is to provide a healthier tomorrow to every customer is pretty admirable. Most companies' main focus is to sell, sell, sell. FlexiSpot grows as a company by proving ergonomics is the best way to love yourself and be healthy. Self-care is something we all forget to do. We are so busy with our lives providing for our family or spouses, that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.

FlexiSpot strategically works to build ergonomic office desks and chairs

FlexiSpot strategically works to build ergonomic office desks and chairs to start you feeling healthy quickly. Just by sitting in an ergonomic desk chair, you are helping reduce the risk of back pain, poor spinal health, and aggravating pre-existing injuries in your back that you may already have.

They feel so confident about the products that they walk you through any questions you have about ergonomics or ergonomic products when you call in. They have partnered up with many companies to help provide easy access to ergonomic office desks and chairs. FlexiSpot wants people to feel that if they are investing in their ergonomic products that they are investing in their health.

Reliability and trust are very important if you are striving to partner with a company to live healthier. FlexiSpot gets and respects that. They first want to hear about what you are looking for before even attempting to point you in the direction of their products. FlexiSpot feels that to know the right product for the customer, they need to know the customer.


Different people have different needs. You may have a back issue and aren’t sure if ergonomic chairs would help you. You may just be starting your diet and health journey and want something that adds a bit of edge to your day while you work out. FlexiSpot has a product that can identify with any of these people’s goals and then some.

You may be interested in taking the small steps to ergonomic office desks in chairs. Taking even small steps is still a step in the right direction, as FlexiSpot sees it. If you love the setup you have at home but feel you need to find a way to take a step towards ergonomics, FlexiSpot offers a basic standing desk converter. This standing desk converter sits on top of your regular desk and allows you to go from a sit to a standing position easily.

FlexiSpot is the best company when it comes to a good balance between product and customers. With ergonomic office desks and chairs slowly climbing to be the new way people experience how they work, FlexiSpot is there helping people better understand ergonomics. They have immersed themselves in all things ergonomics so much that they have built a great customer base from the average office worker to Fortune 100 companies.


Start-up companies and even corporations with thousands of employees have made the change to partner up with FlexiSpot to provide their employees with a healthy alternative to their work lives. Even employers are realizing that having a healthier workspace for their employees means they will have harder and more productive workers. FlexiSpot knows that to be successful, people have to be healthy and focused.

A productive, healthy, and happy self is the only true way to be successful. FlexiSpot sees the potential in everyone they talk to about ergonomics and feels confident an ergonomic workspace should be the only workspace you should have. Ergonomic office furniture may seem like a hard to grasp concept, but FlexiSpot makes it easier. They make you feel comfortable with the decision you will make towards using ergonomics for your health.

We all want to feel like we are making the best choices. With FlexiSpot we can feel confident that we have made the right choice in partnering with an ergonomic company that wants the best for us all. To learn more about FlexiSpot and all their amazing ergonomic office products, visit their site here.