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How Flexispot Brings More Efficiency to the Workplace

16 June 2021

FlexiSpot is turning ergonomics into efficiency for us all at work

Work can be summed up in one word, hard. We don’t always have the fuel or the drive that we need to get our typical 9-5 tasks done. With the world always changing around us it is hard to have the energy to keep up with that, let alone work for 8 hours a day.

Efficiency and being a “go-getter” in anything you do can wear you out quickly. Not everyone can have a chipper attitude or a well-rested night before coming into work every day. We are slowly evolving to use our “flight or fight” instincts more professionally in our careers than we have ever had to before.  

The corporate world is growing at a fast pace, as well as the world around us. The dust is slowly starting to settle from the pandemic and still, there is quite a bit of us working from home. Our home is our resting spot. 

Our home is a place to hang our hat, relax in front of the TV with the family and maybe even enjoy one of your favorite hobbies. With us working from home, we have had to change our safe and relaxing area into make-shift workstations. Some of us feel more comfortable and efficient with the solitude of working from home while others are finding it demotivating, causing their work to suffer.

Companies constantly are trying to find ways to drive their employees to be more efficient, weed out the people who are not contributing, and giving chances to people to advance in their careers. With the new changes, this is having companies ask how can efficiency or even inspiration to work harder be given to their employees when all communication is being done virtually. 

Most employees need that extra feedback or inspiration to put their nose to the grindstone and be a bit of an over-achiever. Sometimes we need an incentive to produce more efficiency. While earning more money or even the occasional bonus is nice when it comes to incentives, it is only a band-aid compared to the real way of getting efficiency. 

A big cause of lack of efficiency is the environment we are doing the work in. 

Your workplace environment is like your cocoon keeping you safe and comfortable while you work. If that work environment is in any way less comfortable or less than what your body needs, it will cause you to lose focus, affect your mental health and even affect your physical help.

Believe it or not, your work environment is crucial to your health.

How it is set up and what type of benefits it has to us makes a big difference in our level of efficiency in our careers. If you have a well-structured and balanced work environment (especially at home), you will notice that you will have better energy, mental focus, and even a better balance in your health.

The first thing is knowing where to start. Do you start small and do it piece by piece, or do you go big and do it all at once? That depends on you. It’s always best to go at your own pace. You don’t want your first impression of building a healthier and happier work environment by starting out stressing about it, right? The great thing is there are plenty of resources out there to help you get started. 

The best mindset to have is to stick strictly to ergonomic office items. Ergonomics has been proven to increase your mental and physical health while you work. With so many retailers out there it is hard to know what one to go with.

One of the best ones to go with is FlexiSpot. 

Its mission is to provide ergonomic office items to all workplaces in the world. They strive to continue to share the benefits of ergonomic items and the amazing benefits it holds. They believe that there is always a healthier way to work than the standard office environment.

They are passionate about transforming the standard and conventional workspace into a more active environment. FlexiSpot continues to build products that support wellness and productivity. Their devoted commitment to wellness at work drives the designs of every office item they produce. 

Every day at FlexiSpot their design team is imagining, designing, and bringing to life revolutionary ergonomic solutions that have helped people lead a healthier and more productive life while they work. 

FlexiSpot’s research and development team is built with forward-thinking engineers who use the latest ergonomic technology to turn their ideas into viable products that make productivity healthier in your office or home office workstations. 

Some of their best and popular products are their ergonomic office standing desks and ergonomic chairs. 

Combining FlexiSpot’s standing desks and ergonomic office chairs is easier than you think. Their desks are customizable and also there is such a variety of ergonomic chairs to help fit your comfort level. 

The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk is a very popular choice for most first-time ergonomic standing desk buyers and even their seasoned customers. This desk offers so many great things and has some truly fantastic benefits. Some of the features include:

  • A choice between a rectangle or curved desktop
  • An automatic keyboard used for adjusting the height of your standing desk
  • A desktop made from true environment-friendly bamboo sourced from sustainable forests. 
  • Easy to assemble frame and desktop to help you get started enjoying your ergonomic standing desk faster. 

Another amazing thing about this desk is that in addition to the rectangle or curved bamboo desktop, you also can choose to have a distinctive curve-shaped desktop on their exclusive oval-shaped legs. This stylish design is sure to help you create a blissful home office environment.

Now that you have a great ergonomic standing desk in mind, let's focus on what chair you can combine with this. The best thing about FlexiSpot’s ergonomic standing office desks is that it makes it very easy to go from sitting to standing positions flawlessly. 

It’s best to alternate from standing to sitting and vice versa, but you will need to be able to sit comfortably and support your spine to promote better physical health. It helps with your mental health too! Seriously though, we all want to be comfortable anywhere we sit. 

The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair not only helps you sit healthier than any standard office chair, but lets you get an innovative way to enjoy a bit of a workout while you focus on your work. Some of its features include:

  • A breathable mesh fabric backrest that not only ensures comfort but also stability. 
  • The firm seat cushion not only provides no pressure support but also brings an enjoyable sedentary experience. 
  • An easy-to-transition height-adjustable seat that can easily be adjusted while you sit with the one-touch lever.

One of the favourite features of this ergonomic fitness chair is the calorie tracker with customizable cardio settings. 

It also has comfortable and durable Caster wheels with ultra-comfortable pedals to help you enjoy your workout. It has been proven by FlexiSpot’s designers that will help improve your productivity. The smooth and quiet cycling mechanics will not disturb your co-workers. It also will help to keep your mind active and alert during your creative work activities. 

Keeping yourself healthy and happy first starts with you.

Having the willingness to take that first step towards it will lead to many more steps towards a healthier tomorrow. People tend to forget that without a healthy balance of mental and physical health you will lose out on some great things that would be in store for you. 

It is a big reason why FlexiSpot wants to be incredibly helpful when it comes to a new or seasoned customer. Their amazing customer service is there to walk you through any questions, concerns, or curiosity that you may have about ergonomics. They are informative and provide a friendly ear to anything you want to know about ergonomic office items. 

FlexiSpot’s customer service is highly trained to be your expert in the ergonomic world. Whether it is wondering how ergonomic works or even what are the best ways to customize your ergonomic office desk, they will happily provide you with all the answers you desire. 

Just by reading this and thinking of what steps to take towards FlexiSpot’s ergonomic office items is a step in the right direction. Taking the first step towards anything healthier in your life can be a bit scary. The first thing people fear when trying to be healthier is failure. If you stay strong, have a great mindset, and stay positive you can go the distance. FlexiSpot and their ergonomic creations will be the helping hand towards your way to a healthier work environment. To find out more about FlexiSpot and the products they offer, please visit