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How Do You Use A Wobble Stool?

19 August 2022

Active seating solutions are increasing in popularity as office workers seek to negate the consequences of a sedentary work life and avoid the risks associated with “sitting disease”. With so many available on the market, office workers are not short of active seating options to choose from. But, whatever active seating solution you choose, it is important that you use it correctly to make the most of it. Wobble stools are fast becoming the go-to choice for people seeking a suitable seat to pair with their standing desk. So, how do you use a wobble stool correctly? Read on to find out more.

What Is A Wobble Stool?

As its name suggests, a wobble stool keeps you wobbling throughout the day! It boasts a rounded base that keeps you active, wobbling backwards and forwards throughout the day. But don’t worry, the base is also weighted to prevent you from tipping over as you wobble! Wobble stools are typically designed to be used with a standing desk, allowing you to lean back for some support while remaining active. Most wobble stools on the market are height adjustable, so you can easily set it to the correct height for your desk, whether sitting or standing. Of course, if you have a conventional desk, your height-adjustable wobble stool should be compatible with this too.

While some wobble chairs may have a larger seat area or inbuilt armrests, they all have one thing in common - they do not have a back support. Instead, wobble stools are designed to engage your core, hips, legs and lower back muscles as you work to stay sitting up straight.

How To Use A Wobble Stool Correctly

Whatever style of wobble stool you choose, there is a universal way to use it properly! Sitting on your wobble stool correctly will ensure you achieve the maximum benefits. You should perch on the centre of your wobble chair seat, evenly distributing your body's weight over the stool. A wobble stool will keep your core muscles engaged, whether rocking backwards or forwards or trying to balance in an upright position.

Maintain good posture while on your wobble stool by keeping your back nice and straight and making frequent movements to balance yourself. Make as many movements as you like while perching on your stool. You can tilt, rock, wobble or swivel, anything to keep your muscles engaged. Sitting on a wobble stool may feel similar to sitting on a balance ball. You may also find that you get up more and move around your office more often when using a wobble stool, helping to keep your blood circulating effectively around your body. If you are sitting slouched down in a traditional office chair with a highly padded backrest and comfortable armrests, you are much less likely to move!

Do Wobble Stools Work?

Active seating, sometimes called dynamic seating, allows you to keep your body active even when seated. As we know, a sedentary lifestyle can negatively impact our physical and mental well-being. Staying active while at work is essential to limit the risks associated with a 9-5 office job.

Research has supported the benefits of using an active seating solution in an office environment. A study published in 2014 reported that workers rocking, tilting and swivelling on a centre tilt wobble stool achieved the equivalent of “light physical activity”. Wobble stools can effectively prevent back, shoulder and neck pain, decrease hyperactivity and enhance work productivity and energy levels.

It is not just your physical health that will benefit from active seating; keeping your body active will boost your focus and productivity, allowing you to power through your daily work activities. Of course, your boss is bound to notice and appreciate your improved performance too!

Is A Wobble Stool Better Than A Standard Office Chair?

When choosing a new office chair, an ergonomic design is essential. A good office chair encourages good posture and prevents muscular discomfort and pain. Anything that promotes active movement is a bonus. Chiropractors and physiotherapists recommend active seating solutions, such as wobble stools, to promote musculoskeletal health and avoid the need for medications or invasive surgical treatments.

Wobble stools are a great alternative to conventional office chairs, encouraging neutral spine positioning and frequent movement. If you have a standing office desk, a suitable wobble stool, such as Flexispot’s Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH4 is a must. Wobble stools also help to alleviate hyperactivity and promote enhanced focus and concentration. If you are a fidgeter, constantly moving to release your pent-up energy, then a wobble stool is perfect for you!

Closing Thoughts

A wobble stool is an essential investment if you want to increase your daily office activity and strengthen and tone your core muscles. Flexispot’s Height Adjustable Wobble Stool BH4 is an excellent partner for one of Flexispot’s ergonomically-designed, height adjustable standing desks.