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How Adjustable Beds Can Help You Sleep Better

18 Jul. 2022

A good night’s sleep is a simple pleasure in life that many people struggle to enjoy. Studies suggest that sleep problems stem from some underlying health issues preventing people from staying or falling asleep. Limited sleeping hours can drain pleasure from your days. One of the major reasons individuals cannot sleep properly is because of their uncomfortable beds. They usually struggle with back pain or poor circulation due to their bed.

An adjustable bed could be a great option for all those people who want a peaceful sleep at night. While individuals only prefer comfort, these adjustable beds come with additional support as well, providing more benefits. Let’s explore what these adjustable beds can provide to you.

1. Improves Sleep and Eases Insomnia

Among all the health benefits including improving your sleep, adjustable beds provide the pro of being able to adjust the bed’s position that makes you feel 100% comfortable. Even if you have an underlying medical issue due to which you have become an insomniac, adjustable beds can be your life-savior.

They can help you reduce acid reflux and heartburn, minimize night-time arthritis pain, relieve swelling and cramping in your extremities, lessen back-pain, and dismiss breathing issues and sinus problems.

2. Reduces Snoring

Studies suggest that we snore when we lay flat on our backs. It happens often because our neck is putting extra weight on the windpipe which causes it to close slightly. In addition to this, snoring does not only affect your sleeping pattern but can also impact your partners or anyone else you are sleeping with.

With the help of the adjustable bed, you can raise the head of the bed and elevate your head which reduces the possibility of snoring. This way, oxygen will be able to flow more easily and freely as compared to when you lay flat on your back.

3. Puts Less Strain on Heart

When it comes to traditional beds, they do not evenly distribute the body’s pressure over the entire surface area. These beds make us lay on the bed on a flat surface, forcing our hearts to work harder while taking oxygen and pumping it into bloodstream.

With an adjustable base, you can adjust the angles of the bed to promote easier breathing, reduce the heart’s burden, and improve blood circulation. On your adjustable bed, when you are in a zero-gravity position, more blood flow reaches your heart encouraging your heart muscle to pump harder and permitting blood to reach the extremities.

4. Improves Posture

We all are informed to improve our posture when we sit and stand throughout the day but little do we know that it is also necessary to have a good posture even at night. Maintaining a good posture while sleeping is mandatory for good health.

With the help of the adjustable bed, you can support your natural spine curvature while sleeping. It diminishes the chances of strained muscles, stiffness, and scoliosis. If you usually face physical discomforts during sleep, adjustable bed can also help you avoid that and make sure that you enjoy a healthy sleeping position throughout the night.

5. Relieves Aches and Pains

To all those chronic pain sufferers, an adjustable bed can be a blessing. They provide temporary pain relief from conditions such as arthritis. The bed’s position can be adjusted using a simple touch of a button, permitting you to find an angle they’re comfortable in and assisting to relieve pressure points.

Being a good reliever for your back pain, such beds contour to the natural “S” position of your spine, unlike a traditional bed. Ideal for elderly people, adjusted beds can ensure a less painful lifestyle.

6. Regain Your Independence

Those individuals who have limited mobility may often feel like they have lost their independence, especially when they can no longer work on their own. Simple tasks such as getting out of bed may have been difficult for such people but not anymore.

With adjustable beds, such people can get into and out of bed on their own with ease. With just a simple touch of a button on a handheld remote control, you can adjust your sleeping position and get out of bed more easily than you could as compared to a traditional and non-adjustable bed.

7. Convenience

Another big factor that contributes is the convenience factor. While wedges and pillows are used to achieve adjusted positions, they shift and compress during the night, affecting sleep and comfort. Such adjustable bases provide control over sleep position with just a touch of a button.

On the other hand, the beds that have a split base have two sides for two people which permits couples with different needs to sleep side by side without compromising each other’s comfort. With such adjustable beds, convenience is guaranteed.

8. Mobility

People who buy adjustable beds focus on more their practical benefits. They believe that their quality of life can be improved by giving them more independence, comfort and flexibility. Such beds have a great structure and are flexible as well. They can provide many benefits such as ease in sitting, getting out of bed, and adjusting the bed using hand controls. These beds are best for people with mobility issues.

Final Word

Adjustable bed is a great choice for all those people who want to enjoy flexibility. Ideal for everyone especially elderly people, these beds can make your sleeping experience way better. From relaxing your muscles, relieving your pressure to permitting you to sleep in different positions, adjustable beds also improve blood circulation and combat snoring.

Now that you know how adjustable beds can improve your quality of sleep, buy one today.

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