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Help yourself choose the right office chair

11 May 2022

Choosing the right office chair is crucial for individuals who spend most of their time in offices. Rather, you would be surprised to know about an individual's time in an office chair. An average person spends 8 hours daily, 40 hours a week, and 1900 hours a year in an office chair.

Now multiply this time with the number of years you spend in an office chair. It is obvious that an average person spends a major portion of their lives in an office chair. This indicates the need for the right office chair from Flexispot.

At the same time, most of the offices will still choose to invest in other accessories and equipment but not a comfortable office chair. The same is true with the office home setups. For obvious reasons, we spend most of the time our lives sitting on a chair than spent on sleeping. Thus, don't hesitate or think twice while choosing a comfortable and sturdy office chair for your home and office.

Importance of a good office chair

Researchers have conducted numerous studies on how important a comfortable chair is for overall health and productivity. A person is more productive and contributes to his/her work positively if they sit in a comfortable place, especially a chair.

Other than this, choosing a good office chair is important for different reasons. Experience lower fatigue, tiredness, discomfort, and back strain by choosing a comfortable chair where you can sit and work for long hours.

General points to consider while buying an office chair

· The chair should have an adjustable backrest providing proper support and comfort to your lower back

· The chair should have a long chair

· It should have an adjustable height so that your feet can rest on the floor.

· The chair should have a close armrest that provides proper support to your shoulders.  

· The chair should have memory foam (i.e., it should be cushioned).

What should you look for in a chair?

Your office acquires an entirely new look with the addition of chairs. However, they still have a great impact on your overall health. For this reason, it's vital to check some details before buying yourself an office chair. Ensure your chair offers the following:

Lumbar support: Ensure that your office chair provides good support to your lower back. Poor lumbar support increases your chances of developing many health problems that can worsen chronic diseases such as sciatica. Thus, buying a chair that provides lumbar support should be your priority.

Gliding ability: Choose yourself a chair with a glide mechanism enabling you to recline to any position while working. This prevents your eyes, arms, and shoulders from strain, and reaching your keyboard becomes quite easier. The spine and bones are responsible for sitting and experience less pressure with such chairs.

Material of the chair: Most people usually ignore the material that your chair is made of. For long hours of sitting, the fabric must be comfortable and breathable. The fabric must be such thick that you cannot feel the chair's base.

Adjustability: Remember, one chair does not fit all for an ergonomic office chair. One must be able to adjust the chair's height, and other features such as arm width, arm height, seat angle, and tension control should be considered.

Wheelbase: Choosing a wheelless chair might be your biggest blunder. This is because wheels help you roll, preventing strains while trying to reach from one place to another. Usually, most chairs offer a wheelbase, but the flooring must be checked. You can't roll a chair on a rough floor.

Sitting posture rules

Lower back: Your lower back must be well supported for you to work for extended hours.

Upper back: Your upper back should be as comfortable as possible. For this, ensure a straight posture while keeping your shoulders relaxed.

Eyes and neck: ensure your eyes are aligned with the top of the monitor for proper neck support. Otherwise, you will feel more tired within less time.

Seat height: The height varies from individual to individual. Depending on your height, adjust the seat in a way that your feet rest flat on the floor.

Arms: Your arms are responsible for most of the work. Ensure your arms are relaxed, with upper and lower arms making a 90-degree angle with each other.

Hips: Your hips should rest on a cushioned chair, i.e., it should be as comfortable as possible.

Legs and knees: For a comfortable position, your legs should make an angle of 90-110 degrees with things. At the same time, the knees should not touch the seat of the chair.

Last say

Ensure you choose a comfortable chair for yourself if you work for extended hours on an office chair. We spend most of the time in offices that act as a second home. This is why the offices have a big effect on your overall health.

In this regard, you can visit Flexispot to buy yourself a comfortable office chair with all of the mentioned features. Not only will your health be improved, but your productivity too.