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Health Benefits of a Standing Desk

12 July 2022

Standing desks are swiftly gaining more and more popularity due to many reasons. We will cover their advantages and health benefits in this article. For those who aren’t aware of what standing desks are, they are basically desks that are worked on standing up. They are primarily used for writing, reading, and drawing. Some people use them as a platform for placing laptops, telephones, and other devices.

What makes them completely different from standard desks is that they are lifted high above the ground, allowing users to either stand up whilst working or sit on a high stool. Most people use standing desks for working whilst standing up as there are many health benefits. Using a standing desk also saves space in the room and can be very useful for those forced to work in a small room that barely has any space.

The top seller on the FlexiSpot website is an excellent standing desk, the ‘Classic Standing Desk EG1.’ Below are some of the health benefits and advantages you will get with the Classic Standing Desk EG1.

Health Benefits

Sitting down and working for hours can be much more relaxing than standing up; however, it can also result in poor health. On the contrary, standing up whilst working, though it may be a little hard to get used to and slightly tiring, is very beneficial for the health. Some health benefits you can get with the Classic Standing Desk EG1 are listed below.’

Reduces Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

If you are suffering from obesity, it would be very beneficial and wise to work using a standing desk rather than choosing to work sitting down. Working standing up will allow you to lose weight.

If you haven’t got time for exercise but would love to burn off the extra calories, you will be delighted to hear that if you work standing up (using a standing desk), you can burn up to a thousand calories a week! Doctors say that one of the leading causes of obesity is sitting down in one place. Many people have IT-related work that forces them to stay in one place on their screens the entire day. In such cases, it would be convenient and thoughtful to invest some money in a standing desk, preferably the ‘Classic Standing Desk EG1.’

Standing Desks Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Scientists and health researchers have made it evident in their research that people who are lazy and stay seated for hours and hours have a much bigger chance of suffering from heart diseases than those who are active. By deciding to stand up and work, rather than prioritising your relaxation and staying seated the entire day, you are gradually reducing your chances of suffering from heart disease. With a considerable uprise in technology, more and more people are suffering from heart disease due to not taking time out for exercise and choosing to sit down for hours. It is reported that in 2019 alone, over 18.6 million people globally died from cardiovascular disease (heart-related diseases)!

Therefore, if you stay seated for hours and aren’t active, you must do yourself a favour by investing in a standing desk!

Reduce Back Pain

If you are one of the 2.5 million people in the UK that suffer from back pains every day and are planning on buying a standing desk for yourself, you are in luck! Standing desks are highly beneficial for people with back pains. After many experiments in the country, doctors and researchers have unanimously agreed that standing desks are ideal for relieving back pain. Sitting down for hours and hours is a common cause of back pains, and as a result, many office workers suffer from such pain and end up with poor posture. Therefore, if you want to maintain a great posture and reduce back pain, switching to a standing desk is the way to go forward!

Improvement in Mood

If you are a person that often stays moody, you may have realised that staying inactive is one of the leading causes. Doctors and health researchers claim that exercising and staying active is ideal for removing stress, anger and anxiety. Hence, if you remain standing up whilst working, you will see a considerable improvement in your mood and will be more optimistic. This can only be achieved with a standing desk; an excellent standing desk option is the Classic Standing Desk on FlexiSpot.

Classic Standing Desk on FlexiSpot

The Classic Standing Desk on FlexiSpot is phenomenal and convenient for office workers, school students and IT workers. With over 300 5-star reviews, the Classic Standing Desk on FLexispot is the perfect standing desk to buy. It comes in many different colours and has multiple add-on options for you to choose from.the Classic Standing Desk EG1 is a brilliant desk and will undoubtedly be ideal for all sorts of work, be it drawing, computer work, reading and everything in between.

Overall, the Classic Standing Desk EG1 is a brilliant desk and will undoubtedly be ideal for all sorts of work, be it drawing, computer work, reading and everything in between!