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Get Hired for an Online Job with These 6 Skills

15 July 2022

So you want to start working from home now?

It’s the perfect time because more and more companies are opening their operations to be virtual or remote.

Once you decide to push the green button, you need to have many skills when working from home. There are also many opportunities that can be available for you, from transcribing to offering virtual assistance and doing graphic layouts to writing copies for social media pages. There is no limit as to what industry you can enter, you can even make an opportunity happen for you such as content creation for your personal pages.

We list down some skills you can have when looking for an online, remote job.

Project management

1. Project management

You’ll be handling a team of people to do a certain project that you have to finish after this period of time. You’ll be dividing the tasks among the team members and making sure that your team will develop a workflow that will be most efficient for all of you. You are in charge of talking to the client, updating him or her about the status of the project and what you are still planning to do.

In project management, you can use tools such as Trello and Slack to make sure that everyone in the team is on track and knows how the whole project is moving on.

Digital Content creation

2. Digital Content creation

There are many small businesses and even big ones that need help developing their online presence. They would hire people to help them take photos, shoot videos, and write captions for their Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Twitter accounts. A knowledge of Canva, Prezi, Adobe programs can help you make and design layouts for multiple clients online.

Customer service

3. Customer service

You can have a lot of well-paying clients when you have excellent communication skills who are able to help them have great customer retention because of quality customer service. You need to know how to answer and solve customer concerns in the best way possible that would leverage the company to excellent status for their customers.

Administrative tasks

4. Administrative tasks

There are many industries that need assistance with regards to doing the logistics of their business. Many are in the lookout for appointment setters, schedulers, system organizers, etc. You can easily learn this if you are a persistent and hardworking team player.


5. Copywriting

If you have a knack for writing, many companies are looking for the best writers to join their team. They’d want someone who can write press releases for the company, newsletters, and articles. If you are a communication graduate or you just love to write, this would be easy peasy for you.

Online Advertising

6. Online Advertising

Aside from creating content for social media pages, most companies now also look for those with knowledge on Facebook ads or sponsored posts on Instagram and Tiktok. You need to know the algorithm as well as how to analyze statistics of your page in order to maximize the World Wide Web.

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We wish you the best of luck in your work-from-home journey!