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Gen Z’s Impact On The Workplace

07 November 2022

Currently, Gen Z (those born between 1995 and 2012) make up 33% of the global population, and by 2030, they’ll account for 30% of the workforce. As ‘Baby Boomers’ enter retirement and Millennials take more senior roles, how will Gen Z shift workplace dynamics - and what does this mean for the future?

1. Flexibility and Autonomy

It’s no secret that Gen Z enjoys remote working and personal autonomy at work. Given that this generation spends an average of 8 hours online per day, it’s only natural that video conferencing, virtual updates and texting will be a fluent and normal form of communication. Gen Z value flexibility, and view the workplace as an adaptable environment that should be tailored to the needs of the workers - not the other way around. Almost half of surveyed Gen Z employees say they would leave a job if they couldn’t achieve a good work/life balance.

2. A More Compassionate Environment

Surveys examining Gen Z attitudes have shown that empathy and compassion are important features within the workplace. Long gone are those ‘wolf of wall street’ days where hard work happens at all costs. Gen Z are a caring bunch that want to ensure their welfare, the welfare of others and that of the environment are prioritised.

3. Environmentally Conscious Work Practises

More and more companies are striving to be environmentally conscious by implementing ‘green’ policies. For example, printing less paper or rethinking their waste practices. But Gen Z will do more than this and will create companies that have the environment in mind.

4. Mental Health Matters

A survey has shown that 82% of Gen Z employees think it’s ok to take a mental health day. A mental health day is a day off work to focus on regaining good mental wellbeing. Many traditional employers still look down on this policy, seeing it as time wasting or easily abused. But modern bosses can understand that mental health is as important as physical health, and taking a mental health day can increase overall productivity and better company outcomes in the long run.

Goodbye Cubicles

Gen Z are a collaborative bunch and generally prefer open floor offices with a decent level of interaction. Closed off cubicles are no longer a welcome feature. Many future offices will have clear glass walls and give a sense of collaboration at all levels, whether it be management or facility staff.

Competitive Rates of Pay

A survey has shown that Gen Z value a good salary and will fight to earn what they think they are worth. 54% will leave a job for a better paid one, rather than work harder in their current position to earn promotion. Basically, you cannot short change Gen Z, and given the cost of living, I don’t think anyone can blame them for high salary expectations.

Equality and Diversity at the Core

More than two thirds of surveyed Gen Z employees believe a company should actively promote diversity and equality. Workforces will likely be more diverse in the future when compared to previous decades. Positive employment will mean reaching out to ethnic and minority communities, as well as disabled and gender diverse communities, to ensure these groups are properly represented at all levels. Even the more recent emphasis on pronouns has sprung from Gen Z influences, which also shows their compassionate and empathic nature in action.

Workplace Wellness

We have already mentioned mental health awareness and work life balance, but what is really important to Gen Z is general wellness in the workplace. This includes sufficient annual leave, in-house wellness services (such as massage, counselling, free food, social events) and every effort to reduce stress and pressure.

Gen Z are also keen to ensure their bodies are kept healthy during their working day, such as using ergonomic furniture and appliances to ensure their back, neck and legs are protected. They are also quick to spot and highlight a problem, and are less likely to quietly suffer from poor health in the workplace. Unlike generations before them, if there is a problem, Gen Z aren’t afraid to speak up, and this is why we can expect them to be one of the healthiest and most productive generations around.

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