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Flexispot: sharing their part in social responsibility

30 June 2021

FlexiSpot contributes all that they can for a better tomorrow 

Social responsibility is a thing that falls on us all. Being charitable to your fellow human beings not only is good for your soul, the environment but it is also good for the people that are positively impacted by it. Many people do different things when it comes to social responsibility and where they provide it. 

When it comes to corporations being a part of social responsibility, they like to make sure that they are including their employees with plenty of opportunities to be charitable as a group. This is a great way that businesses find to not only help the world but also bond with the people they work with. 

Many employees do charity and volunteer work before joining their current careers. This is also a great opportunity for the company they work with to find new ways to provide a contribution to more people in need. 

FlexiSpot is a bit contributor to helping people. Not just with their products, but also with the work that they do. Who is FlexiSpot, you may be asking yourself. They are the best when it comes to ergonomic office items. 

FlexiSpot has provided its products to people since 2015. They believe there’s a healthier way to work, starting today. They are passionate about transforming the conventional workspace into an active environment that supports better physical and mental health.

Their goal is to support wellness and productivity for all of us in our workspaces. With their innovative designs, well-thought-out science, and care behind all of their ergonomic items FlexiSpot has proven they have what it takes to be an ally in your health. FlexiSpot knows that ergonomic office desks and desk chairs are the true way to experience a workspace. 

Every day, FlexiSpot has focused on ways to continue to make people healthier in the workplace. These days, many companies feel that ergonomics is the best way to support their employees. These companies feel that the more they focus on their employees and their health, the happier they will be. 

To be a productive employee is to be happy and healthy. Since many companies are wanting their offices to be fully converted to ergonomic office items, FlexiSpot is there to provide their expertise and support.

Because of all these great ergonomic office desks and chairs, FlexiSpot is continuing to show people why ergonomic workspaces are here to stay. They want to continue to show people that it is very easy to be healthier while you work. FlexiSpot knows that its products do work and are there to improve the wellness of anyone who uses them.

Not only is your wellness, health, and posture important to keep in a healthy state but so is your mental health. Mental health issues are becoming more and more of a focused issue for people. Many companies have become more involved in helping their employees with bettering their mental health by providing many benefits. 

As we all know, mental health is just as important as physical health. If not properly taken care of, your mental health can affect how you feel physically as the days go on. This is a big reason why many companies are partnering with FlexiSpot to fully change their workspaces to strictly ergonomic office desks and chairs.

The designs that FlexiSpot has come up with over the years keep in mind the effect it can have on your focus, mental health, and productivity. This is a big reason why they have provided so many ergonomic standing desk options to their customers. 

Ergonomic standing desks are designed to give you an option to go from sitting to standing easily. 

FlexiSpot feels that ergonomics are an easy springboard to a better and healthier life. Over time ergonomic office desks and chairs will give you more energy, focus, and even feel better than you ever have before. These and more are many reasons why FlexiSpot has always provided the best in ergonomics. 

They have trained their customer service agents to be experts when it comes to ergonomics. When a customer calls in any time, FlexiSpot’s customer service agents walk them through all the best products for them, based on what the customer is looking for. 

FlexiSpot has gone above and beyond for its customers since they first started the business so that they can provide the best ergonomic experience for anyone. They will be a business that will be around for many more years to come. FlexiSpot plans to continue to improve the ergonomic experience and invest in better health for you. 

Because of all the great things that they do for their customers with their amazing products and customer service, FlexiSpot uses this drive towards the great things they do towards social responsibility. FlexiSpot has done many things within the last year alone. We all know that COVID-19 and the pandemic have in some way affected us all. It has made us feel somewhat isolated and miss the things we took for granted over the years like sitting in a restaurant with our family or even traveling. 

At FlexiSpot, they are a strong advocate of “green and clean”. They take all the initiatives to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities. They strive to produce eco-friendly and sustainable products that reduce the carbon footprint in the environment. They do this as a way to make the world a better place for all of us. 

FlexiSpot strives to transcend the production phase to help communities in any way they can in line with their goals. FlexiSpot distributed 100K masks during 2020 in order to help mitigate the risks and spread of COVID-19. They play a huge part in promoting a healthier community for us all to share in the joy and making better memories together. 

They gave away both face masks and protective coveralls to Kaiser Alameda Hospital (Kaiser San Leandro & Fremont). FlexiSpot is so grateful for the opportunities they have had to be of assistance to people in need and they will continue to offer help to protect those who protect us all.

FlexiSpot is always wanting to extend its hand in friendship, kindness, and love for all people everywhere. One way that FlexiSpot is providing more towards their social responsibility is through their recent FlexiSpot Brand day. They are providing such amazing deals and activities in order to help their current, or future customers enjoy FlexiSpot’s appreciation towards all their fantastic customers. Their brand day has been going on since May 24th and ends on May 30th. 

They have had so much great feedback from their customers over the years all over the world. FlexiSpot has had great global reviews from so many amazing people over the years proving that they are more than just an ergonomic stand desk. Reviews have been provided to them online and on YouTube from customers from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, and the United States. Because of their fantastic FlexiSpot customers, they have sold over 1 million standing desks in 2020 as FlexiSpot continues to impress their customers with over 95% of positive reviews. 

All of these amazing things have greatly warmed FlexiSpot’s hearts and motivate them to keep working towards a fully ergonomic workplace of tomorrow, today. They will continue to provide the best in ergonomics and continue to improve on their well-designed products to always make sure that FlexiSpot is ahead of the game for ergonomic office products.

With FlexiSpot’s Brand day about to wrap up, they have already provided their customers with even more savings to help them not only be healthier but also save money for more things they need. Money can be tight these days due to the pandemic and with some people losing their jobs, it is good to know that there is a company like FlexiSpot that is there to understand that. 

In the years to come, FlexiSpot will continue to thrive towards helping the world and the people in it. They want their reach to come full circle around the whole world enough to where it makes an impact that will inspire others to contribute in their own way. 

Inspiring other people to do good with their time is another great goal FlexiSpot hopes to provide. Even if it is as little as companies upgrading their office furniture to promote better health for all their employees is one way they hope will help provide a better impact. Ergonomic office items are the way of the future, but some people forget that that future can start today. Just by improving their employee's lives, companies are improving the impact their employees have on the work that is provided to them.

It all comes full circle. You help your employees feel healthier, they provide better and more structured work, then you are able to provide them with even more opportunities towards their careers. Even having upgraded ergonomic office items as the norm for companies also will make employees even more energetic towards the charitable events that you may provide them to extend their helping hands. FlexiSpot will always be there to help people in any way they can towards a happier and healthier life. To learn more about FlexiSpot, be sure to visit their website at