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Flexispot Super Brand Day Deal

26 May 2021

The long-anticipated brand day is here. And it comes bearing monumental gifts. If you still haven't heard of FlexiSpot brand day, then this is your lucky day. It would have been such a loss to miss this event.

Today marks the beginning of this unprecedented super brand day. And there are loads of spicy campaigns lined up for the next couple of days. These activities are not only fun, but they also come with rich rewards.

Remember to visit Flexispot's official site to join the fun from now till May 30th. Confused about the campaigns to participate in? Let's have a quick overview of the brand day's timeline and activities.

Brand Day Activities

Lucky Charm Package

The activity seeks to charm customers into engaging Flexispots on social media and earn interesting prizes. The lucky charm bundle starts today and will end on the 30th of May. All you need is to like all Flexispots social media pages. Tag three of your friends in the comment section and like the lucky charm post.

You stand a chance to win a MacBook Air, Dyson blow drier, or a headphone. Grab your phone and get to work.

Check-in Treat

Daily check-in started May 16 and it ends today. If you missed this campaign, fret not-- you can participate in other activities.

For this campaign, you are expected to assemble a standing desk. It will take you 10 check-ins to completely assemble the desk. You have to log in daily to update your desk. However, you can earn check-ins by sharing on your social media pages.

When you complete the desk, you win a coupon.

Spin and Win

This is yet another promising activity. It started on the 17th of May, but you can still join this campaign. Just click the spin and win option on FlexiSpot's website and tap "spin me". With luck on your side, you can win a gift or a coupon.

StandForLove Photo gallery

StandForLove photo gallery is a photo contest. Take a creative picture depicting your daily work life and post it on FlexiSpot's photo wall. If your picture is beautiful enough to attract the highest number of likes, you win the contest.

Sitewide Discount

Sitewide discount offers discounts on FlexiSpot products between today and May 30th. This discount is divided into three different categories.

  • 15% off sitewide

Although new arrival discount is a rarity, a few of them are currently on discounted sale.

Flash Sale

Save big at Flexispot’s flash sale from now till the 30th of May. You can get up to 35% discount on some products. Well, if you hurry now, you can get some ergonomic workstations at half their prices.

Sitewide Discount

Before you rush off to join FlexiSpot brand day, why not check out products available for the sitewide discount. This will make it easier to scan the FlexiSpot website for items you’d like to buy.


Ready to benefit from these huge offers and enticing activities? Check out Flexispot’s website now! There’s so much to gain from that single act.